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Nutraceutical labels Part - II By Kex Consulting

  in Business | Published 2017-02-13 01:29:19 | 112 Reads | Unrated

Summary Review - For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Private label design, Dietary supplement labels & Vitamin labels Marketing online can be tricky, but with our bottle renderings, you can count on cost-effective marketing that doesn’t e at up a lot of your time.

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The 3D Product Image Rendering and Mockup Process

Once your label design is complete, we carefully transform your label into a realistic 3D bottle photo-quality image you can use in place of costly photos. We use the latest technology and techniques to deliver a product mockup rendering that can be used for almost any purpose. Realistic 3D supplement pill and liquid bottles are just the beginning; whether your product is a supplement or vitamin bottle, liquid container, cosmetic product, food packaging, carton, bag, box, pouch, tub, book, beer bottle, wine bottle,

liquor bottle, water bottle, jar, dispenser, coffee mug or any other type of product packaging, we will produce a 3D renderings that will immediately catch the eye of your perspective customers.

3D Rendering and Mock Ups of Supplement Bottles by KEX

Selling products on stores such as Amazon has its merits, but it also comes with a few downsides. All the manufacturers that want to capitalize on the power of online retailers place their products on Amazon. The result of these actions is that you find both direct and indirect competition among various brands. For that reason, effective marketing strategies become necessary to attract consumers. The use of bottle renderings is one option that most manufacturers consider. Using 3d bottle renderings provides certain advantages, and at KEX Consulting, we have become quite adept at making bottle renderings. Our bottle mock ups are high quality and bring out the best of your items for sale.

Stand Out with Realistic 3D Bottle Renderings

Standing out from the competition becomes more of a necessity than anything else. By using bottle mock ups, you can ensure that your products don’t look like everyone else’s on a retailer’s site. With our combination of creative designers and superior standard techniques, count on impressive branding for 3d bottle renderings that is bound to steal the spotlight.

Realism of 3D Bottle Renderings in Advertisements

Photographs have always been the way to sell items to online consumers, and they have been effective for a while. Customers now want more visualization when looking at descriptions, and that is what 3d bottle renderings offer. The nature of 3d images allows customers to see every part of a product. Bottle mock ups give people something amazing to look at. If an individual wants to see the back of a container to read the print, the 3d bottle renderings make that possible. Incorporating bottle mock ups allows you to have adverts with shadows and backgrounds, which add to their realism. Bottle renderings also don’t have imperfections, making your adverts unambiguous in their marketing.

Another upside that the realism of 3d bottle renderings offers is allowing merchandisers to visualize product placement. Bottle mock ups give a real-world view of the real thing, so a wholesale buyer can use the measurements in the images to calculate the space they will occupy on shelves. 3d bottle renderings in this instance of let buyers prepare adequately for stocking needs; hence, maximizing space.

3D Bottle Renderings Process

The convenience of bottle mock ups is that they don’t require a lot of time to design. By using the latest technologies, we reduce the timeline for packaging marketing significantly. A process that may take days when using photographs requires several hours with 3d bottle renderings. The fast-paced nature of processing bottle mock ups does not mean any compromise in quality. You still get 3d bottle renderings that not only highlight a product’s best features but also attract the right kind of attention.

Pre-Launch Marketing with 3D Bottle Renderings and Mock Ups

When the production process is almost complete but clients and consumers need to see it before launch, bottle mock ups can achieve that. Our 3d bottle renderings can aid in providing clients with a picture of what your new energy drink looks like. Your marketing team can also work with bottle renderings to test out their strategies before sending them out. Pre-launch marketing gives you a head start in drumming up exposure for your brand because it whets the consumers’ appetite. However, it is not always easy to pull off marketing for a product that is not on the market yet, so our bottle mock ups serve quite a significant purpose.

Marketing online can be tricky, but with our bottle renderings, you can count on cost-effective marketing that doesn’t eat up a lot of your time. 3d bottle renderings are easily manipulated once the wireframe is constructed, which means we can alter the shape, size, color, and background of bottle mock ups without having to start from scratch. We can do bottle renderings for:

•             Medication

•             Supplements

•             Skincare products

•             Perfumes

•             Energy Drinks

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Private label design, Dietary supplement labels & Vitamin labels



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