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Ocean Deserts Can Not be Ignored By Lanbo Jiang

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Long term fishing is serious Played in the Pearl River Estuary for over 40 years of fish culture tert mixed feelings: the disappearance of fish in recent years too many, like grouper all familiar with these fish, used to be very easy to hit a web down, roads were six or seven pounds weight ah, ther e phoenix anchovy, large yellow croaker, mackerel, etc

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Long term fishing is serious

Played in the Pearl River Estuary for over 40 years of fish culture tert mixed feelings: the disappearance of fish in recent years too many, like grouper all familiar with these fish, used to be very easy to hit a web down, roads were six or seven pounds weight ah, there phoenix anchovy, large yellow croaker, mackerel, etc., but basically is not caught, and for several years did not see.

A survey shows that Guangdong Traditional waters more than 400

Seafood species to species now found only 200. Guangdong's largest aquat
ic products wholesale market? Aquatic products wholesale market in Guangzhou, sand, natural varieties of seafood production and only about 10% of the market.East China Sea fishery is the first large marine fisheries in order to fish more, good quality, high yield and known in the world, Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province, Hill County, but the fishermen set sail for the first time after the Spring Festival this year on the defeat and go, most of the fishing boats almost come away empty handed, few small fish shrimp enough diesel fuel costs.East China Sea fishery resources in recent years to speed up failure is actually the inevitable result of long term over exploitation. Funakoshi made more grown larger, net becomes increasingly dense, keeps getting longer, the modern equipment of the fishing team in the sea and planted the dragnet, even fish shrimp are doomed.Ocean University of China, Professor Chen Dagang, said, "At present, over 90% of China's coastal waters can basically no longer catch fish, 'ocean desert' tragic to show in front of people."

Maximize the protection and restoration of marine fishery resources

News from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Agency, said state and local governments in recent years launched a series of effective action: marine fishing countries have now introduced a "zero growth", "negative growth" policy, aquaculture became a new economic growth in fisheries points: the full implementation of the East China Sea VMS Board Yu Xiaxie snails, and other characteristics of varieties of artificial reproduction and releasing programs to the East China Sea over the years by releasing accumulated total has more than 2 billion (only), Shandong Province, proposed the "feeding the sea, restoring fisheries resources "slogan, and at Yantai, Rongcheng, Jiaonan other areas set up 12 major fishing areas of biological resources protection ... ... but the most extensive, effective the fastest, most influential conservation initiatives, is still fishing moratorium.

Fisheries through the National 4 thousand persons were 11 years of law fishing protection, fishing moratorium in the system effectively protected by cutlass, Spanish mackerel, pomfret, yellow croaker fish and other marine based juvenile, so that it can recuperate, so that East China Sea, Yellow Sea coastal fishery resources increased, the quantity and quality of catch all have improved. Majority of fishermen have personally felt the importance of protection of fishery resources and the necessity of the concept of enhancing the rule of law, to comply with the consciousness of Closed systems also increased. But from the radically changed our growing failure of marine fishery resources status, is still a long way to go.Fishing moratorium in the system is to protect our fisheries resources and achieving sustainable development adopted by the important measures of a practical. The implementation of this system, not only to further alleviate the excessive over fishing and fishing intensity on the enormous pressure on fisheries resources, but also effectively halted the momentum of the decline of marine fisheries resources, on the main economic resource of fish.

Use of marine science and law

Experts point out that in order to effectively implement the protection of our marine fisheries resources, in order to make China's marine fishery resources as soon as possible on a sustainable development path, the most pressing is the relevant government departments to strengthen law enforcement, supervision, actively seek, providing alternatives such as aquaculture, implementation and promotion of population programs, especially the great efforts to strengthen the scientific development concept in the development and protection of marine fisheries resources in the promotion and implementation process, so that society as a whole are fully aware of the importance of protection of fishery resources and the need to improve compliance with fishing moratorium in the system of consciousness and enthusiasm.With the scientific concept of development perspective, the use of marine fisheries resources, should be in the same time meet the needs, without compromising the needs of future generations in meeting human needs without doing damage to other species needs of development. Only so can we long term, sustained development and utilization of this valuable "renewable resources."

"The People's Republic of China Fisheries Law" Article 22, the state under the catch of fisheries resources under the principle of growth in volume, to determine the total fishery resources can catch, a fishing quota system. Fishery administrative departments of the State Council is responsible for organizing the investigation and evaluation of fishery resources, for a fishing quota system to provide a scientific basis.Experts pointed out that the protection of the marine fisheries resources also need to correctly handle the immediate and long term interests, local interests and global interests, and between strict enforcement and compliance with relevant laws and regulations, marine fishery resources in order to make enduring and sustained benefit of mankind.



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