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Ocean freight rates are reason for the dependency amongst companies By ricky lee

  in Business | Published 2013-07-12 01:44:51 | 219 Reads | Unrated


Ocean freight rates are largely dependent on the prices of oil, other charges and many more such things. The ocean freight differs from company to company depending on the currency and other things. Freight bill is prepared for every company separately. Freight bill audit is done through many ways.

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Water has influenced the people in many ways and one way which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times is transport of goods and services though it was used earlier also for this purpose. There are several things that are used to make this transport from ocean ways easier thus the companies who use these services pay to people who help in transport through ocean ways. These companies charge certain money which is done according to the cost of various things used in it such as oil, shipping charges, and salaries of the sailors, cost of machinery used and many other things.

se rates vary from voyage to voyage and also from nation to nation. This is the reason why people call them fluctuating ocean rates as they vary with the price of the oil which is currently changing at a very high pace. It is also dependent on the various forms of shipping charges of which some are caused because of delays and some for other things.The companies who are interested in hiring these services are usually the ones who like to set their rates in advance as they think that in case of fluctuation of any rates or prices they have to pay the earlier sum of money only. This is the biggest advantage of making long term contracts for the transport of goods through such a fluctuating ocean transport medium. Now the next issue which comes forth the company who makes these contracts is that they set the rates at different time periods which mean that there are different rates for different parties who are using these company’s products or transport services. Different rates for different parties lead to a big confusion among people who are making these accounts. Account maintenance becomes really tough for those people. These all are behind the rise in prices of ocean freight. They also at times make certain mistakes which leads to loss of the companies that are transporting the goods as they do advance payment to the shipping companies.

This procedure can be corrected through the method of freight audit. This method usually requires the use of certain software for the final arrival of payment. These software can be purchased by the company itself also and can be used through the outsourcing companies also who are also involved at times for this purpose. These are the things that determine the ocean freight rates for a particular journey. Freight bill audit is a thing which can be done in three possible ways. One is through the process of manual calculations. The second is through the use of software and the last is through the use of outsourcing companies. The last two are more frequently used over the first one which shows how dependent is one company on the other one. This is the best thing of using such software they raise employment in the software producing companies also and also in the companies who are concerned of outsourcing of such payments. These companies lessen out the burden by a large amount.



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