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Office Space in St. Petersburg By Bullard Realty

  in Business | Published 2018-05-28 12:47:15 | 635 Reads | Unrated


Bullard Realty performs commercial real estate services in the area of leasing and property management for commercial properties as well as representing both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay. Just visit us for more information.

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Benefits of Serviced Office in St. Petersburg

Small business owners often overlook serviced offices because they sound like a high-priced option; however, it can help your business to develop on a flexible, economical basis. Serviced office is a pay as you use space, and they usually have numerous advantages that make them a remunerative investment.


Flexibility is likely the biggest benefit of serviced office to your organization – with lease terms available on monthly basis. This means that your company is n

ot bounded to a long-term contract and you can enlarge, quickly up and downsize when you need to, according to your business requirements. This is how our serviced office, St. Petersburg will provide flexibility to your business and serenity to your mind.

Networking Opportunities:

Our Serviced office in St. Petersburg is the perfect place for networking with other organizations as there is a vibe of a coterie due to shared interest and services.

Finding the network opportunities is an important catalyst for a business development. SMEs can easily leverage on that as there is an extensive range of firms that utilize shared services at a typical serviced office. With numerous packages targeted at unique progress stages, comprising the virtual office plan which comes up with the opportunity to have a business presence at Bullard Realty without actually possessing a business space. This allows global business and small business combine and hence, resulting in great development.

No Downtime When Stepping In:

When you shift your business to new premises, the downtime of equipment can significantly hamper the flow of your business. Our Serviced office in St. Petersburg have everything already set up and ready to use – from communication systems to workplace’s equipment, everything will be functioning from the second you move in the office which means that you won’t have to face any downtime and wait for the internet and telephone companies to set up new gear or connect new lines.

No Hidden Charges:

Unlike other traditional offices, our office space in St. Petersburg offers space and services all at one price. At Bullard Realty, we charge our customers a single price which covers all their cost and addition. Billing process used to be a headache, but serviced office made it a thing of past – with only one, all-encompassing bill falling in your mailbox, which covers space’s rent, office, and internet maintenance will also profits your capitals, thus, making it easier to budget when you have high fixed amount to pay.




We'll Do All the Chores:

In our serviced office, St. Petersburg, you will never have to cope with any property management difficulties, all of these elements are taken care of by our staff. You won’t have to worry about office security, cleaning or even changing a tube light or bulb, so you have more potential and ample of time to focus on your business growth.


Fully Manned Front Desk Services to Give Your Business a Professional Feel

We also offer reception services to attend calls, receive or send e-mails, and greet guests within the office building, making it stress-free for you to maintain a customer dealing, professional business reputation, without worrying about adding more staff in your organization.

These are all the benefits and facilities that we offer to help your business to become to develop and become lucrative with each passing day if you establish or shift your organization in our services office in St. Petersburg.



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Bullard Realty performs commercial real estate services in the area of leasing and property management for commercial properties as well as representing both buyers and sellers of commercial real estate in St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa Bay.