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Specializing in Offshore and Domestic Asset Protection and Estate Planning services for over 34 years.

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The attorneys of Casper P. Connolly & Associates d/b/a Professional Asset Protection Services [PAPS] have been recognized in the industry for their outstanding leadership and innovation in the field of offshore asset protection, debtor and creditor law, as well as estate planning. The expressed primary goal of PAPS has been and continues to be the provision of vital asset protection, estate planning and wealth preservation services and structures that properly protect their clients,

their businesses, and financial affairs.

Offering more than just service provision, the attorneys of PAPS are concerned with the countless inadequate, improper and misrepresented asset protection structures that are continuously being perpetrated on the unsuspecting and uninformed public. With the many changes in money laundering, Patriot Act, and tax laws that have come into existence over the past several years, a number of individuals have been deceived into an offshore asset protection structure by unscrupulous promoters. What they later find out is that the offshore program they have invested in is of little value and may even be a sham. As a result, many of these unsuspecting consumers are now facing fines and serious penalties from tort liabilities and/or the federal government.

With comprehensive and discursive knowledge of estate preservation, tax planning and asset protection, the attorneys of PAPS have provided the highest degree of protection and privacy for their clients business and financial affairs for more than 30 years. One of the unique and sophisticated structures they have utilized to achieve these goals is the Offshore Asset Protection Trust [OAPT]. An Offshore Asset Protection Trust is an effective barrier to future creditor claims due to the laws of certain offshore trust havens that have made it much more difficult for creditors to obtain jurisdiction over, or to levy against, an OAPT, even if the settler retains an interest in the property or trust income. These kinds of barriers, more times than not, result in a negotiated settlement; and periodically produce early and inexpensive settlements.

There are clear advantages to an OAPT over other asset protection structures; namely:

•    OAPT's are governed by the laws of the offshore jurisdiction

•    Narrow definitions of what may constitute a fraudulent transfer

•    Abbreviated limitation period in which a creditor may bring a claim

•    Very high burden of proof required to provide a fraudulent transfer claim

•    The refusal of the OAPT country to recognize a United States judgment that is consistent with the OAPT jurisdiction law

•    The inability of US courts to obtain jurisdiction over an OAPT trustee

•    Contingency fees are prohibited in certain offshore jurisdictions, and

•    The daunting and disheartening effect when trial attorneys realize they will need to employ a large US law firm in addition to an offshore law firm to even begin any action against the OAPT.

The highly skilled attorneys of PAPS are only some of the very few who provide this exceptional level of offshore asset protection. No generalist attorney or internet generated information can provide the kind of individualized and professional service offered by 18 years of specialization by the attorneys of Professional Asset Protection Services.

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The Connolly Law Firm has 34 years of experience drafting effective financial and asset planning documents. They use their experience to ensure that you are well protected in any of your financial investments around the world. For more information, please visit



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