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Old Toys Market Analysis By Lanbo Jiang

  in Marketing | Published 2010-05-15 13:21:31 | 303 Reads | Unrated


In many people's minds still linger in the "toys just for children services", the old toy market gap is lamentable But with the aging of the population has gradually moved, the elderly toy business has become one of the eyes of the business

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In many people's minds still linger in the "toys just for children services", the old toy market gap is lamentable. But with the aging of the population has gradually moved, the elderly toy business has become one of the eyes of the business.Today (Oct. 26, the traditional theory) is a traditional Chinese Chung Yeung Festival (commonly known as Festival for the Elderly), in this particular festival, foreign toys and gifts network specifically for the elderly's toy market had some inquiry, hoping to Toy develop multi market businesses provide some new ideas, too, want the old toy market can be
gradually improved the lives of the elderly bring more happiness and health.

Status Quo

Remote control planes, deformation toys, doll ... ... on the market an array of toys specifically for children, but not the number of toys designed specifically for the elderly.A reporter who visited Guangzhou, the major toy De Road, Guangzhou city, a lot of toys, wholesale and retail stores, toy counters in almost all simple toys for children, designed specifically for the elderly sign of intellectual toys alleviated. Even in the eyes of many sales, toy is the child's patents, toys for the elderly does not sound real.In fact, many older people that there is demand for toys, and demand is not small. A consumer who said he was old his father retired, usually more lonely, as a child he wanted to buy a toy for his finger, fixed brains, the dry add a little joy of life. But traveled all shopping centers, is always difficult to find appropriate.


As the environment changes, many of the elderly lack of communication, communication and talk to, if not spiritual sustenance long time, it is easy to suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, and even dementia. The United States a few years ago, medical experts have found that before the age of 50 adult educational toys to play with someone who is the incidence of dementia is only 32% of the general population. Other medical experts found that some patients with mild dementia to play adult educational toys, can slow and even stop the disease progresses, a small number of patients to restore a certain level of intelligence.However, part of popular toys for children is that patents are not among the elderly and the fate of toys, old toys, so little is blank.

Intentionally or unintentionally ignored in our old toy market, the experience of other countries may be worth learning. Many countries now have a very old toy store in general, part of the toy market, the elderly have occupied more than 40% of the toy market. Far not said that, to our neighbors in Japan, for example, their very old puzzle of brain training, is also popular on the market make the aging brain rejuvenated books, toys and other educational products.Earlier this month, net foreign toys and gifts, said the report had quoted Mou Wang, Zhang Dong, a 99 year old soft spot for toys, like to play cube, room with a vehicle, aircraft, toy chicken, cube toy, playful spirit and positive attitude to health and longevity.


In fact, old toy market gap, the domestic manufacturers do not turn a blind eye. Shanghai Toy Industry Association, Xu Quanning toys & gifts from China and abroad in an interview that the network, manufacturers tried to think how to enter this market, but have a lack of development talent."At present the domestic toy manufacturers clearance process, and creativity is very lacking." Xuquan Ning said, "With the improvement of living standards of the elderly, the elderly consumer greater capacity and desire to buy is also a strong market for old toys in great demand . "

Xuquan Ning said the old toys is a new area, it focused on the puzzle and hands on, a lot of toys for the elderly to play, but the main problem is not specific to the elderly domestic toy store.According to reports, the Mainland of China toy designers now only 20,000 people, while there are more than 200 million toys, many practitioners, designers share of only 1%, while developed countries generally about 20%. In addition, the national toy design professional institutions with only 18 each year there are about 400 or so graduates simply can not meet the huge talent gap toys. Design talent shortage as a short board toy industry.

Industry appeal to the relevant departments to pay more attention to the development of toy industry, to open the relevant professional, transportation professionals, after all, this is a "very exciting, a huge market," the industry, is a child to the elderly can not be separated from the industry.



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