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Opportunities and Challenges Urgent Reason Semiconductor Lighting By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2011-09-15 12:40:01 | 147 Reads | Unrated


At the national energy-saving environmental protection, promotion of policies to stimulate energy-saving lamps, the short period of 7-8 years, the country's LED lighting business from the initial 100, to 2,000 now Such rapid growth, China's LED lighting really so good to do it

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At the national energy-saving environmental protection, promotion of policies to stimulate energy-saving lamps, the short period of 7-8 years, the country's LED lighting business from the initial 100, to 2,000 now. Such rapid growth, China's LED lighting really so good to do it? The financial crisis, LED business will go from here? With questions, I interviewed the semiconductor lighting industry leaders??? Ground on the photoelectric Co., Ltd., Dongguan, Managing Director Mr. Huang Guanzhi. Advertising Information vecuronium latest hot spots chips: AM2910ADC? OP07GP? MC14541BDR2.

> Author: As the market has hundreds of billions of industries, the current status of LED lighting industry.

Huang Guan Zhi: LED lighting looks beautiful, but the real but difficult to do. There are now more than 2,000 companies are doing LED lighting market is also rising rapidly, these enterprises mainly involved in mid-stream products are the main industries, including packaging of foreign OEM products occupy over 80% have market power or high profile The little LED brand. For example, in Dongguan, LED lighting production enterprises have dozens, but has its own core technology, intellectual property rights of enterprises are not many. Due diligence on the photoelectric mastered the core technology, "Diligence on the brand" has been gradually recognized by the industry, over 85% market reputation in this field are leading. But the industry is concerned, LED lighting industry have not yet formed a strong core competitiveness. Ground share " " sense of responsibility, willing to standardize and upgrade the LED industry development efforts.

As competition becomes more intense, LED lighting industry will inevitably face "survival of the fittest." At present, LED lighting and decorative lighting industry has been more intense market competition, functional lighting market, the competition has also been simmering, and outdoor lighting products indoor competition in the market Esen commenced. As the financial crisis, in the past mainly export-led small and medium enterprises also have to attract national talent, for the domestic market competition for network resources. Now many businesses have focused on the domestic competition, which is a change in the market.

Copy the lack of independent research and development products plagiarism rife.

Author: Currently, LED lighting industry, what are the main problem, it should be done?

Huang Guan Zhi: specifically, the current domestic LED lighting problems: First, more than decorative lighting products, lighting products less functional. Mostly with lawn, underground lights, contour lights, lighting, landscape lights, and lighting products with high technical requirements, "quit." Second, copy the copy products and more small independent R & D products. Products are not personalized, not leading products. Third, many low-power products, high-power product less. Such as high-power lamp, square lamp, tunnel light is still relatively small. In addition, the end-user lack of knowledge on the LED on the LED light source compared the advantages of the traditional understanding is not enough; many companies sell light weight products, inadequate investment in marketing; marketing model similar lack of brand awareness, product no difference, not the main product Ding Wei, the core competitiveness of enterprises also appear inadequate, the industry has not been formed there is a market leader in competitive advantages, these have to compete through the adoption of LED lighting business, "Shuffle" in order to better the growth.

Author: LED lighting is not the more energy the better, how to grasp the degree of energy conservation?

Huang Guan Zhi: LED lighting on many people know there is a misunderstanding: that the more energy the better. In fact, enterprises in the LED lighting applications, not one-sided pursuit of energy-saving rate, excessive pursuit of energy conservation will certainly affect the effect of light intensity. More common market LED lighting can save 30% to 40% energy saving effect of our products better, up to 60%. To note is that simply to emphasize energy conservation, which might seriously affect the product's overall performance and quality, there are some errors Guoduzhuiqiu energy, also Ke Yi Shuo is a trap. Improper installation may be counterproductive if, in practice, not for saving the expense of brightness.

To build a ground on the photoelectric one brand of domestic LED street lighting.

Author: As the first company into the LED lighting industry, diligence and look at how this industry?

Huang Guan Zhi: handling the LED lighting industry as the first companies to enter as early as 1998, the ground began to research and development on low-power LED products; in 2002 began the development of high power LED lighting. Since 2004, handling the LED lights from the beginning of the era of the LED road illumination solution was relentless exploration of a number of failures experienced during the period, total investment more than 1 billion, and accumulated rich experience. We have several years of practice, recognized that the threshold into the industry is not high, but the key technologies to overcome and reach to meet the diverse functional requirements of system integration, to eventually form a contrast with an alternative to traditional lighting LED advantages lighting solutions, but is not an easy thing; followed by the LED lighting industry as a whole is relatively low barriers to entry, quite a mixed bag, healthy and orderly market has not yet formed, which need to standardize and develop the appropriate access standards, leading enterprises To make a difference, lead the development of standards, that is, cohabitation and the cottage to change the negative impact on the industry.

Author: how to use their own ground on the optical experience and influence to guide the industry healthy, orderly and positive contribution to the development?

Huang Guan Zhi: The current LED lighting industry is still in early stage of development, market competition is not standardized. Ground on photovoltaic technology as the invention of the second optical, thermal issues and the successful resolution of internal LED lights lighting up the corporate success stories, and established to create "the first brand of domestic LED street lighting" strategic objective. Historic development in the industry and a breakthrough period for the common ground on the optical LED industry bigger and stronger push to introduce "Join and win-win" strategy, will be explored through nearly a decade of experience in the industry, and technology R & D platform scale volume production experience and ability, more than 200 patented technologies and management models, business models and to share domestic and foreign counterparts. Global lighting giant Philips, GE, Osram Dengjun seek to cooperate with the ground, in China, Henan, Liaoning, Shandong, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Sichuan, and Chongqing provinces and the well-known enterprises have to seek strategic cooperation and diligence on the photoelectric to achieve substantive results, handling the lighting in the domestic semiconductor industry is gradually consolidating the leading position.



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