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Personalize your things with water transfer printing By vijay vinson

  in Arts and Crafts | Published 2013-11-04 06:51:23 | 149 Reads | Unrated


In the era of mass production, the only way to escape the global crowd of similarly looking items is to have your things personalized.

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In the era of mass production, the only way to escape the global crowd of similarly looking items is to have your things personalized. One of the most popular techniques used today is the water transfer printing technique, also known as hydrographics. This method allows to you personalize objects by adding a graphic image while in the water.

Coming out of a factory or even created by you, objects tend to look the same. Car parts are the best example in this sense, but this could be a general fact about most products that come out of mass industry. When coming out of the factory, cars
will pretty much look the same, in terms of materials and colors. While the design can make an important statement, it still feels like they are the same. Thus, people have come up with ideas to differentiate their belongings from those of other people. That’s how hydrographics appeared. Water transfer printing is popular right now because it can produce great results and because the actual printing process takes just a few minutes, which means you will almost instantly have your things personalized.

Let’s say that you want to personalize your bicycle. You can paint your bike to look better, you can spray it with intricate designs or you can add different stickers and decorations. The problem is that these methods usually don’t last for long. Stickers are the first to deteriorate and once they do the whole aspect of the bike will look cheap; paint, while giving a fresh shiny image, is not enough to stand out in a crowd and in time it can crack and fade; decorations are probably the first to come off if you have any incidents with your bike, and that is almost inevitable, especially if you use it frequently. Thus, no solution seems like long term and satisfying in terms of how much personality you can add to it. It’s time to see what water transfer printing can do for you.

Unlike the other temporary solutions, water transfer printing or hydrographics is a method that prints an image on your items, image which will remain untouched for a long time. Initially, hydrographics was developed by the military as a rapid and easy mean of adding a camouflage layer to their caskets and military equipment, including weapons. At the time, the technology didn’t come cheap but thanks to the developments made nowadays anyone can personalize items through hydrographics.

As long as they are made out of solid materials, objects can be printed easily using this method. The objects can vary in dimensions and companies can provide basins of different dimensions so as to cope with the size of the items used. The basin is filled with water and a special film containing the image to be printed in set on the surface of the water. This will dissolve gradually and after it is activated, the piece is immersed in the water for a few seconds. It’s a really easy process which will take just a few minutes.

Try this new method of personalizing your objects: water transfer printing or hydrographics.



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