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Prestige Sunrise Park & Bangalore City Modern Security Luxury Flats Available for Every person By tyagi akansha

  in Real Estate | Published 2014-03-25 00:30:48 | 80 Reads | Unrated


Prestige developers is a leading real-estate firm renowned in the industry for presenting all well structured and beautifully designed infrastructures

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Prestige developers is a leading real-estate firm renowned in the industry for presenting all well structured and beautifully designed infrastructures. This moment in time the firm presents its latest township project named as prestige sunrise park power backup. Here under this township every individual experience a heavenly feeling of restful. The firm has accessible 1 / 2 / 2.5 & 3 flats beneath this community through all spacious and spacious interiors. Main importance is arrange at make certain that all apartments possess exceptionally beautiful interiors followed by newest prevailing trends in the infrastructures are added. All contemporary and industry's latest amenities are added in this township which perfectly matches up with the property requirements & wishes of investors from all background.


Every person along with their folk’s members will have the best moment in time of their verve as all contemporary days’ services and facilities are accessible. Apart from all luxurious requirement added in the township/ greenery is ensured to be enclosed by the community. With vegetation far and wide sprawled just about the township along with precincts and parks facing makes living here to be extremely restful and convenient. The freshness of morning will awake every resident followed by letting each one to live fresh throughout the day owing to the fresh breeze. This community in addition renders magnificent views of the nearby locality which has efficiently lured attention of individuals towards necessary investments on the accessible living spaces.
The very latest project
prestige sunrise park bangalore developers are strategically promoted in the power backup stage 1 of Bangalore metropolis. This city recognized to be a outstandingly gorgeous city consistently carving the attention of investors which has so far made individuals come up with necessary investment plans owing to the beauty and peaceful environment of city.


The locality of this township is positioned at a very lucrative place as it enjoys proximity to the I.T. hub which presents endless selection of work opportunities to every one of specific. Being enlarge greater than a ground area of 332 acres has ensured that all living spaces are comfy and spacious. All significant landmarks are situated at a very close proximity to this township which makes it even more desirable designed for reserves. Owing to the 11 KMS long important main road situated close to the township makes the distance of Koramangala from the Electronic City to be less than 25 minutes. Exceptionally beautiful and strategically designed township of Prestige developers in Bangalore city is none other than the Prestige Sunrise park Bangalore city. This township offers spaciously planned 1/ 2/ 2.5 and 3 apartments. For the further convenience and comfy verve of all investors, the builders have added all newest and contemporary amenities. Some of the added amenities under this township are Amphi Theatre/ Basketball Court/ Children's fun area/ Senior Citizens park/ Clubhouse/ gym / Steam and Sauna/ Tennis courts/ Swimming Pool/ and several others.



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