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Prestige Sunrise Park And Bangalore Capital Generous Flats Happy Residence /// By tyagi akansha

  in Real Estate | Published 2014-02-17 23:00:19 | 67 Reads | Unrated


Prestige Sunrise Park & Bangalore metropolis is happy to announce the pre-start of our housing development prestige sunrise park situated at Electronic city Bangalore metropolis.

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Prestige Sunrise Park & Bangalore metropolis is happy to announce the pre-start of our housing development prestige sunrise park situated at Electronic city Bangalore metropolis.
Tactically situated at the mettle of the Electronic metropolis spread across an imposing 25 acres of development everything here is intended to impress.
The plan is elaborately designed with limitless sense of expansive prestige sunrise parkregion that accommodates the larg

e recreational space along side a gorgeous enhanced garden & a number of facilities that handily adapts to up to date livelihood wants.
Verve at Sunrise Park is that the best thanks to balance personal and calling. Prestige Sunrise park Bangalore metropolis Add sunshine to your verve and see however prestige sunrise park bangaloreyou add hours to every day by obtaining nearer to everything that creates for an entire & prosperous verve. Expertise verve in an exceedingly new light-weight fall into place to Sunrise Park.
Prestige Sunrise Park could be a new residential project proffers glorious living area at metropolitan hub within the kind of 1 BHK2 BHK 2.5 BHK and three room flats with a position. Where as living inside of modish provision & interiors you rouse with bright morning & breeze the breathless sunrise read at horizon bring new happiness everyday and create your day special with wonderful options. city of metropolitan hub, referred to as "Silicon Valley" of India is prepared with globe category infrastructure and welcomes you to feel the refined community living.
Situated within the most exceptional vicinity at Prestige Sunrise Park electronic city stage-1 the project has nice advantage of encompassing space/ acknowledged because the biggest I.T. center across nation the place is contact 332 acres and has leading equipment giants and firm offices. With such terrific surroundings it additionally offers glorious property and coupled with contemporary city Road/ specific road/ NICE Road and Hosur road. Professionals who region unit yearning for homes that provide elegant and fissile homes having shut proximity with operating places can notice their good match at status Sunrise Park metropolitan hub.
The design is intricately planned/ with limitless sense of expansive space that accommodates the massive recreational area along with a beautiful landscaped garden/ and a host of amenities that conveniently adapts to modern living needs. Verve at Sunrise park is the best way to balance personal and professional verve. Add sunshine to your life and see how you add hours to each day by getting closer to everything that makes for a finish & prosperous verve. Experience verve in a new light. approach house to Sunrise Park.
This new project offers well crafted residences in several sizes 1 Bedroom units area unit obtainable in 647sqft, 2 Bedroom with 913sqft, 2.5 Bedroom with 1100sqft & 3 Bedroom with 1300sqft floor space. These apartment sustain luxury ambiance with its comfy styles constructs and spirited amenities to garnish your verve cheerfully and joy. options jointly with exclusive building/ community hall/ vice arena with taking part in ground and courts/ athletic facility and inexperienced precincts all area unit utterly assembled for extending your ecstasy.
Prestige Sunrise Park amenities.
As the population of India is rising at the consecutive rate thus the demand of the high - end housing is increasing at the same charge. In order to meet the increasing require the Prestige state successfully commence the most marvelous venture of Prestige Sunrise Park. We are celebrated to become one of the mainly important property developers & are thus on the edge of changing the skyline horizon of the metropolis with our amazing infrastructure.
is one of the iconic example among the marvelous manufacture. This venture is known to lengthen crossways 25 acres of the vast green landscape region & is been enclosed with the nature stunning greeneries. The very beautiful alleyway that connect the gated community to the main entry is being lined up with the beautiful beauty of the growing flowers which extensively adds on the attractiveness of the venture. Being nestle amidst greeneries in the nearly everyone mesmerizing locality of Electronic CityBangalore city.



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