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Proper training is the least requirement for the best 6 Sigma jobs By Amanda Tom

  in Business | Published 2013-10-25 09:18:49 | 71 Reads | Unrated


6 Sigma is something almost any professional knows about. When an organization reaches 6 Sigma they actually reach somewhere. If nothing else 6 Sigma is an excellent branding tool.

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6 Sigma is something almost any professional knows about. When an organization reaches 6 Sigma they actually reach somewhere. If nothing else 6 Sigma is an excellent branding tool. Every company wants to do business with an organization that manages to implement this model and runs it successfully. The 6 Sigma DMAIC Model is used worldwide and it's one of the best tools to

implement for process excellence. Needless to say 6 Sigma jobs are also very much in demand and those that have this certification usually don't have issues getting the plum jobs in the top organizations in the world.


How does a business improve its processes? There is the core management team that sits at the top of the hierarchy and the decisions usually come from this team. But is it guesswork that they do? Some management teams may try and guess but the results are bound to be catastrophic. You cannot run a business on what you feel, at least when the processes are concerned. The best management teams look at lots of data and analyze them before they decide how to go about their business process improvement.


The 6 Sigma DMAIC Model is a methodology that is divided into the phases called Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Together these five processes tell you how an entire 6 Sigma process will be run. The define phase defines the project goals; the measure phase collects data about the current processes; the analyze phase involves analysis of the data and the root cause; the improve phase involves optimization and test run and the control phase is a future phase when any deviations are corrected before they can cause defects.


On the face of it all this looks very simple but believe me the 6 Sigma DMAIC Model is not the easiest to implement. Those who do 6 Sigma jobs know how hard it is to stick to the 6 Sigma processes and improve processes. Organizations spend months and years to reach the 6 Sigma level of perfection. But there is no stopping once this stage is reached because one cannot stop implementation and go below the 6 Sigma level.


Getting 6 Sigma jobs is a dream for many professionals but this is not the easiest job profile to get into. Organizations spend money on getting select employees getting 6 Sigma certified and these are the ones that make it big in this job profile. Otherwise professionals can undergo the course on their own. If you want the cushy 6 Sigma jobs what you need to do is get properly trained.


So, if you are interested in 6 Sigma jobs the least you need to do is get a certification in the 6 Sigma DMAIC Model. While many training firms worldwide proclaim that they are the best in 6 Sigma certification and training you always need to keep in mind that plenty of research on these training firms. You don't want to spend money on this certification and get no output from it.

Understanding the 6 Sigma DMAIC Model is absolutely critical for getting the best 6 Sigma jobs. Proper training is absolutely necessary for this.


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