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Purva Palm Beach Bangalore City Luxury Flats Amenities Offers for Every Person's By tyagi akansha

  in Real Estate | Published 2014-02-12 02:45:05 | 78 Reads | Unrated


Purva Palm Beach & Bangalore city Group is all set to broadcast the pre-start of their new residential high rise apartment venture to be called Purva Palm Beach located at Off Hennur Road close to Boozed.

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Purva Palm Beach & Bangalore city Group is all set to broadcast the pre-start of their new residential high rise apartment venture to be called Purva Palm Beach located at Off Hennur Road close to Boozed. Purva Palm Beach will be stretch crosswise 20 acres & will bring 1320 apartments at Bangalore city. purva palm beach Planned on the lines of a tropical beach resort this flat project enlarge over 19.37 acres with a central courtyard – The Lagoon – on 4 acres promises to replicate the sights and sounds of the marine in Bangalore metropolis. Actually the enthusiasms to originate this venture in Bangalore city arise from the joint dreams of flourishing Bangalore and like you. People who’re unrelentingly busy working without breaks persons who in spite of their busy bee survival still care for the hope of taking short vacations at retreat by the sea. At Puravankara we will be grateful for you like no other.
Details of Purva Palm Beach:
• 20 Acres of Land
• 1320 Apartments
• 19 Blocks
• G+19 Floors
Purva Palm Beach Size:
• 2 BHK (Comfort) – 1150 sq ft
• 3 BHK (Comfort) – 1450 sq ft
• 3 BHK (Comfort) – 1550 sq ft
• 3 BHK (Deluxe) – 1750 sq ft
• 3 BHK (Luxury)– 1850 sq ft
Purva Palm Beach Possession:
• 2017 Onwards
Type: 2 & 3 BHK
Which is why we’re oaring you a residence that offers the landscape of a beach & tropical backwaters to your entrance in Bangalore city so that you continue to enjoy your extensive stay at a humid delight? Puravankara puravankara palm beach Group was reputable in 1975 / in response to the growing need for excellence housing & commercial space in the urban cities of India. Since then / the Group has grown-up to be one of the most important Real Estate Developers of the country / serving the requirements of a discerning clientele.
Blossoming in the might of one of the comfortable addresses in Bangalore city Purva Palm Beach is a stylish expression of 200 premium flats cuddle up in a wonderfully expertise hi-rise. Purva Palm Beach is very intentionally located within the dynamic Central Business District & eminent Educational Institutions. Besides with the Metro and City Station close by commerce becomes pleasure. Offering world-class amenities Purva Palm Beach is a residence you'd be happy to draw closer back to. Besides with expectations Malls in the area excitement is for no motivation far left. At Purva Palm Beach the magnificent is bound to shine on you each day. Being just subsequently to a supplementary name of lavishness it makes for the ideal wonderful setting to be closer to your confidence & belief.
Since its inception in 1975 Puravankara has supposed that there is only one mantra for success Quality. This principles collective with unbendable standards customer-centricity robust engineering and simplicity in business operations / has located it among the most preferred property brands in both housing & commercial segments.



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