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Reasons for Businesses to Opt For Lithium-Ion Gaffeltruck Batteri By stina kedari

  in Automotive | Published 2017-02-01 12:59:46 | 170 Reads | Unrated


Businesses can consider opting for lithium-ion batteries for forklifts, instead of the conventional ones. This is because Li-on batteries are long-lasting, environment friendly, can help businesses save costs in the long run, etc.

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A forklift truck has been around for a long time, and today it is used by many businesses, involved with warehousing operations. Forklifts were developed, due to shortage of man power, caused after the First World War. With time, the design and the making of a forklift has also undergone some changes. The battery driven forklifts were introduced around 1950s (Murray M., The Balance, Classification of Forklift Trucks, 2016). Although, many businesses use lead acid batteries for forklifts, the following are some of the reasons, which explain why businesses need to switch to lithium-ion <

strong>gaffeltruck batteri:

Long lasting and fast charging: Lithium ion batteries can last businesses for a long period of time, as they are generally weather resistant. That means the changes in the climate; do not affect the efficiency of these batteries. These kinds of batteries can also be charged up to 100% (Power Tech Systems, The Lithium Difference, n.d.).  These batteries do not lose capacity, even when they are discharged up to 50%. Also, these batteries do not require any staff supervision, while charging.   

Environmental friendly: Companies might often try to come up with varied techniques, which can help eliminate its harmful effects on the environment. One way to do so is opting for lithium-ion batteries. This is because when lead acid batteries are disposed in an improper manner, the harmful chemicals inside; pose a serious risk to the environment. Also, the energy consumption of a lithium ion battery is comparatively low.

Smaller and lighter: As compared to other rechargeable batteries, Li-on battery is quite lighter in terms of battery capacity. Also many businesses consider physical characteristics such as weight and form, while buying batteries, for varied purposes. Li-on batteries can prove to be a suitable choice, due to this characteristic (Bonheur K., Version Daily, Lithium ion battery: Advantages and disadvantages, 2016).

Along with these benefits, lithium-ion batteries do not need to be stored in battery compartments, upright, etc. These batteries may be more expensive than the conventional ones. However, they can prove to be cost-effective in the long run, due to its above mentioned advantages. Businesses can consider buying these kinds of tåliga litiumjon batteri för gaffeltruck from online retailers. One such experienced company, where businesses will be able to köp litiumjon batteri för gaffeltruck, is Alelion Energy Systems. More information about their different products and services can be found on their website. 



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