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Red Wine Group Friends of the Melee in Chongqing By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business Management | Published 2011-08-23 05:31:14 | 166 Reads | Unrated


As the Yangtze River city of Chongqing in the southwest region of significant strategic position of the business is self-evident This year in October, Changyu by "Cabernet" match-fixing activity to create a momentum in Chongqing; Recently, the reporter also noted that the high Mo upstart wine produc t in the overall shop in Chongqing city

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As the Yangtze River city of Chongqing in the southwest region of significant strategic position of the business is self-evident. This year in October, Changyu by "Cabernet" match-fixing activity to create a momentum in Chongqing; Recently, the reporter also noted that the high Mo upstart wine product in the overall shop in Chongqing city. All signs indicate that red wine enterprises in Chongqing market, more and more optimistic about this "fat" while Chongqing wine competition in the market also showed white-hot trend.

Key Supermarkets: Competition for 36 Yuan Wine Brand "Heigh

As the causes of mountain terrain, Chongqing residents to purchase consumer goods primarily in the Jiefangbei, Jiangbei, Shapingba, Yangjiaping, Nanping, and several regional commercial street, so some of the more major Chongqing commercial super chain stores, including the new century, the weight 100, Carrefour, Li Dan, also concentrated in several regions this. Chongqing supermarkets have obvious features of super-channel focus is business to be several large retailers control, which stores high barriers to entry, some no-name wine difficult to access, it also caused some major brands in the business over channels The competition is particularly fierce.

Carrefour store in Jiefangbei's see, the three Wall and Changyu together to do a fine Duitou show, and posted a lot of pop posters. Others such as Dynasty, Yunnan Red, new heavens and brands, also occupy a relatively good shelf row surface. According to the shop's manager Wang introduced, these take the amount of the current situation of the brand are good, although it is low season, but basically stable on sales of more than 500 bottles, and take the best amount is 36.8 yuan of China Great Wall 99 years wine.

Mid season after the large price cuts in major brand promotion activities have stopped, but the major brands of super have taken a close battle in the price of strategies to form a dominant competitor products hit the point in 36 yuan this critical segment of the wine on the price is much clearer. And China Great Wall for the same concentration in the reactor head Shacheng display the Great Wall, Great Wall, and Yantai Changyu, 36 yuan in this price online will be tightly grabbed by China Great Wall Wine 36.8 yuan in 99 years. It is understood that China Great Wall 99 years of the mainstream wine market in Chongqing, the general price is 40 yuan, the National Day promotion raised to 36.8 yuan during the small; 99 vintage triumph in China, when Changyu introduced in the reactor head key solution Changyu 95 baina priced at 36 yuan, Yantai Great Wall is 37.8 yuan varieties introduced the Great Wall 2000 vintage; Also in this price segment, dynasty, dynasty Suntime also vigorously promote the English standard red and new heavens and Manas red ( bonus Tetra Pak). Face competition for competitors, in order to hold the competitive edge, China's National Day after the end of the Great Wall or the China of 99 prices remain at the original price.

Acting brand new white wine distributor Yang Wang told reporters that the White Yang has now entered a new century, the weight 100 and other major supermarkets, the main push of the mid-range is 36 yuan for 100 varieties of common red Yang. Currently around 36 yuan in Chongqing market wine brands, there are 20 common species, the price is too duplication, competition is fierce, full explanation of this phenomenon, 36 yuan for Chongqing mainstream wine consumers can accept the price.

Chongqing's food terminal, the hot pot restaurants and fast food accounted for a large part, these premises consumption beer-based drinks, take the amount of red wine consumption is very low. But recently with the Riverside Road and North Hamaji Food Street development, Chongqing, wine consumption in the restaurant market became very active. With wine consumption for customers gradually increased the hotel restaurant, wine makers began a new round of end-staged fight. Wine mainstream brands has increased the intensity of the competition for scarce resources.

However, according to business manager description Shacheng wine, recently bought the Great Wall brand shop's offensive seemed more intense. Among them, the Great Wall will be owned Shacheng Shacheng star series and the collection of series of different dealers to operate separately, the two products to operate independently. China Great Wall of China model market agents Qin Xiaoling Fuling District, recently became responsible for Chongqing, China Great Wall in the operation of the market, beginning in the food channel large-scale investment. Yantai Great Wall has recently withdraw from the evening performance out of a comprehensive attack on the terminal restaurant. Therefore, large dining restaurant in Chongqing buyout costs began increasing rapidly, currently only the buyout Jinyuan Seafood City reached 130,000 per year, while Choi Heung Yuen year buyout cost is as high as 190,000, the other size slightly small restaurants, such as the kitchen so long, buyout costs are around 60,000 yuan a year.

In addition to achieving the franchised shop to buy things, buy a dining restaurants Session promotional rights, is the popular brand in Chongqing, a way of catering channel. This reporter learned that, in Chongqing city square Tae Court restaurant, new heavens had invested 30,000 yuan or so, bought the marketing rights of the restaurant's Session. In the Chongqing market, with big distributors and strong control of the terminal, similar to the new heavens and so dependent on large distributors, the implementation of the Chongqing Session promotions buy food market is very common, and this Session buyout promotion, general concentrated in red wine consumption compared to the larger class A store, buy the time period is usually short, usually only one or two months or so. Chongqing, the rise of the market to buy fashion shop, so strong in Chongqing, Yunnan Red status under serious threat. Operations Yunnan Red dealers Tangjing Li told reporters that China bought the first two years of restaurant management is gradually warming, because of red wine consumption in Chongqing catering market high class dining restaurant A more limited number of stores and buy shop approach does not Pop. Chongqing Food Terminal A class shop approach cost also around in 5000 to 10,000 yuan, the market's major brands are more easily accessible, Yunnan Red basically completed a large area in the restaurant into the shop goods. But now as the wind intensified buy food terminal, buy increasingly high costs, Yunnan Red had to focus to the commercial transfer of ultrasound and distribution channels, sales began seriously affected.

Reporter went to night market Jiefangbei more concentrated near the proud World Plaza, the drinks were on the night market sales were a bit of understanding. In Ireland, zero, Hawa Na, and several other more well known night market in Chongqing bar, the reporter found that despite the display of liquor drinks cabinet is mainly made of whiskey, vodka, brandy and other liquor, but there are still many domestic wines around the wall enterprises posters. Through investigation, the reporter learned that the night market in Chongqing few people buy wine, surrounded by several bars are held in the occasional promotion of different brands, especially in the relatively large number of wine sales in the important holidays, this phenomenon is particularly prominent.

Field who is familiar with the situation in Chongqing drinks night told reporters the industry, as wine sales in the evening performance is too low, made of red wine To enter a number of slightly upscale disco bar, into the store fees are generally not very high. If the return of more well-known bar, Ireland, the larger bar, red wine into the store also cost about two to three million, compared to the hundreds of thousands of beer into the store charges a lot cheaper. Therefore Suntime, China, Yunnan red business investment has not decreased but rather increased promotional efforts to carry out various activities in order to stimulate demand for Session, establishing brand.

Sales company in Chongqing, according to a new heaven and the person in charge this year in October, new heavens and new heavens and night use of site dedicated to wine that night, through the complimentary drinks, buying gifts, gift fashion gifts, and other means to conduct a market in Chongqing large-scale night Suntime wine promotions. The official said: In the night market as long as doing more promotions on the sales or very helpful. And into the evening performance of consumers generally belong to the fashion people are the target population of red wine consumption, therefore, pertinent to this target consumer group for brand promotion for the new heavens and the brand in the entire volume of Chongqing will be the next to go play a certain role, and this effect than the spread of advertising air is much more concrete.

Guanyinqiao farmers market is the flow of Chongqing, the largest wine market, its network of direct radiation Wanzhou, Qijiang, and even northern Sichuan in Florida, Pakistan middle ground. Operating in the market of wine hillo Shacheng wine Wang Fuchun manager told reporters, the entire flow of the market in recent years by the gradual decline in the major environmental impact, guanyinqiao farmers market business is much worse than before. Before, he only do Shacheng wine, from the beginning two years have been with white wine, beer and food with little to do, because he Shacheng getting goods from Chongqing, where agents, during the peak season in September to sell two 300 , gross profit also at 1,500 yuan, had been "hungry" was.

Why is increasingly difficult in talking about red wine, the manager Wang that the three "Great Wall" brand is an important reason why the impact each other. He is doing good red wine is 28 dollars and 30 precious stones Cabernet Merlot Shacheng yuan, while China's main push in the market is 38 yuan for China 99 years of alcohol and low-cost 12 yuan Great Wall red. Had relatively large degree of distinction between the two, but entered the business over the Great Wall of Yantai, in playing the price war, price war have gradually penetrated into the distribution market. Currently, Yantai Wall introduced a pricing ordinary red wine at 27 yuan and 37 yuan in Yantai, a Wall 2000 vintage, taking aim at the Shacheng and China.

Great Wall brothers are busy in the civil war, while wholesale food journalists in the city of Chaotianmen found in the food distribution market is not big surprise, as many as dozens of "Great Wall" brand, including "Time Great Wall", "Golden Great Wall "," Great Wall "on their" Great Wall red wine, "" Dream of the Great Wall Manor, "and so on. Yantai Great Wall at a franchise shop, a wine of Henan's "hundred years the Great Wall" wine and interlaced display Yantai Great Wall. When a reporter asked about the "Rise of the Great Wall" is the Great Wall is not authentic, the person in charge of the shop, said: "The Wall store in the re-100 Yangjiaping have sold, not false." Civil war seems really busy the Great Wall, leave the Great Wall of war burn also is spectacular.



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