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Review and Prospect of Zhejiang Stone Industry Development By Lanbo Jiang

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Zhejiang Stone has a long history, its development can be traced back to the Han dynasty, such as the East Lake Shaoxing, Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Spot is a masonry chisel from the Han Dynasty at the mountain quarry for pavement, bridge panels, embankments board, cemetery board, roof, etc

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Zhejiang Stone has a long history, its development can be traced back to the Han dynasty, such as the East Lake Shaoxing, Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Spot is a masonry chisel from the Han Dynasty at the mountain quarry for pavement, bridge panels, embankments board, cemetery board, roof, etc. . After generations of masonry chisel devil's ax god, gradually into the rugged cliffs and Qidong pools, have elapsed since the 1800 history. Wenling long yu cave heavens is also the hometown of China's four major stone carving, Wenling craftsmen in Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties (AD 196 589 years
) to pave the way to build a house of artificial quarrying, building bridges to form ... ....

Only stone industry in Zhejiang Province is the real development began after the establishment of the People's Republic of things in our province the first one using modern mining equipment and sheet processing, Hangzhou Marble Factory was founded in 1958, 1960, put into operation, the size of the square known as 30000 m. Then again there have been during the Great Leap Forward, Hangzhou terrazzo factory, Xiaoshan Natural Marble Factory, Huzhou marble factory, three granite factory, Qingtian granite factory, Anji granite factory, granite factory Linhai, Huangyan Granite Development Factory Wenzhou granite factory, granite factory Shangyu have established, initially formed a province of stone industrial system. In 1978, after the Third Plenum of the Party's reform and opening up era in our province stone industry into the era of great development in our province's first full set of advanced equipment imported Italian crystal plate plant in Ningbo in 1985, went into operation, Hangzhou Marble Factory also saw the introduction of the Italian wire rope invested mining. The first Sino foreign joint enterprise Xiaoshan Natural Marble Stone Factory, Xiaoshan Taiwan Art Stone Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Shi Lei Building Materials Co., Ltd., came into being.

During this period, Stone established businesses are springing up, the total number of 6, 700. The spring of 1992, after Deng Xiaoping's southern tour, as China's economic reform process, from planned economy to a market economy, Zhejiang various types of stone market quickly established, in 1993, Zhejiang's first integrated marketing materials Hangzhou Building Materials Ceramics device market was built up, followed by Ningbo, Wenzhou and other places of the stone building materials market have emerged. Zhejiang first professional stone market Zhejiang Stone market was established in Hangzhou in 1996, and now the province of professional, comprehensive business market was valued at more than 30 stone, the annual amount of no less than stone, more than 40 billion yuan sales. As the market optimistic about the stone building and consumption, and greatly attracted the stone outside the province, "Big Brother" stationed in Zhejiang, such as Shenzhen's high, Conley, the Czech Republic into the came, and in Shanghai Hongbao, tower stars came, and Singapore's Chan Chang brothers came, and the province also have a number of stone by stone to join the ranks of management of imports, such as the Dongsheng Stone, Wong Kam stone, Manulife, the rapid rise of Kindu stone, etc., forming an excellent profitable market expansion, due to stone industry in national economic development process, particularly in the construction of the vast number of urban and rural areas it has unique vitality, the traditional sense of the industrial sector has been greatly Stone breakthrough eighties the 20th century onwards, stone machinery industry in our province from the traditional mechanical industry restructuring out of to form a professional stone machinery industry, first in Taizhou, Wenzhou, Quzhou, Hangzhou and other cities to a larger development, which meet the requirements of the stone processing industry to meet the market demand.

With the progress of human history, the world economy, technological advances, the modern construction boom, in order to break the stone with plastic, the conservation situation of total dependence on imported materials, since 1995, Zhejiang stone chemical industry with its unique market advantage and ample room for development, the rapid rise of rapid growth, has formed an initial science and technology, production, marketing network system, up to 2 years of chemical products Stone million tons. There are ideas, there is the concept of development and the twenty first century, stone species in our province have a new development in 2001, Chen Jiaxing New Building Materials Factory for the first time in the province to produce glass ceramic, (also known as microcrystalline stone, Yu spar), which is a new type of green environmental protection decoration of new varieties; 2005 Jiashan Jiaxing City, Beverly Long Building Materials Co., Ltd. has developed new varieties of quartz plates, an annual output of 300 million square meters, it is widely used in the ground , wall paving and stone furniture, home decorative plates, a good market outlets. With the stone processing technology and the development of chemical industry, stone, stone processing to thin, ultra thin has become possible, marble processed into 1 2mm, granite, 3 5mm thin plate has become a trend oriented, stone chemical High bonding technology has been to meet the complex stone processing requirements, composite stone in recent years in Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces and municipalities has been rapid development in our province, Wenzhou Maike Xin Stone Co., who are not resigned to it, is completely relying on its own technical strength and financial resources, has develop a large sized (2400 � 1250 � 2 5 mm) of stone aluminum honeycomb panels, paper honeycomb panels, translucent panels, thin plate, in 2004, the Fourth International Stone Fair in Guangzhou after a show and immediately caused a sensation, it was agreed that the This is the Chinese people on their own technology Zaochu's treasures ... .... In short, Zhejiang stone through a long process of development, mainly since 1978, great development, we can proudly say, Zhejiang Province, Stone has formed with its own characteristics, stone varieties ranging, in an influential national industry . In the future, she will continue to further innovation in our power, entrepreneurial people rich and comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, continue to spread its wings.

Into the twenty first century stone industry of Zhejiang Province Stone Industry after our province, "25" "15", especially since the reform and opening up in 1978, the age of large scale development, according to incomplete statistics, the province has been stone mining, production and processing, stone machine, stone workers appliances, stone chemical, stone market, stone market, stone craft, compound stone, artificial stone, stone carving stone, rocks, landscape stone, stone cleaning, maintenance, geological exploration, research and design and construction of decorative stone and educational institutes have a certain scale enterprises, public institutions, marketers and so on up to 2500 more than the province's annual production of various types of stone blocks more than 330 thousand cubic meters, panel 8.6 million square meters, all kinds of work more than 30 million tons of timber, stone machinery 20000 sets, industrial equipment 20000, stone Chemicals 30,000 tons, complex stone 100,000 square meters, 30,000 square meters of artificial stone, stone carving stone 25000, landscape stone 50 thousand tons ... .... The province stone (including sales) more than 8.6 billion yuan output value, export volume of about 35 million U.S. dollars.

Stone products are stone blocks and universal plate, but also produce a variety of arc shaped material, stone line, large size aluminum honeycomb panels, translucent panels and thin panels, stone carving, stone carvings, stones, Chi were stone, culture stone , quartz stone, stone craft, landscape stone, stones craft products; stone chemical silicone rubber, marble glue, AB Epoxy Adhesive, epoxy glue dry hanging, stone strong adhesives, stone cleaning, conservation, antique, do credit to agent series products and formed for the construction sector, professional services, construction design team. Generally speaking: mine resources, Shangfeng, stone products ranging, variety, characteristics and processing, stone chemical started early in a leading position. In the stone market, different types of stone in our province of professional, integrated (mixed) type market, nearly 30 more than 13 professional markets in which stone, operating at home and abroad hundreds of kinds of stone varieties, the annual sales value of more than 4 billion yuan stone, rated as the market development, production and construction market for the consumption erected a "bridge."

Looking at the development of enterprises in our province with the provincial stone area (region) is closely related to economic development, initially formed a stone's economy related industry areas: such as Stone Industrial Zone, Hangzhou, Shaoxing Stone Industrial Zone, Ningbo Stone Industrial Zone, Wenzhou Industrial Park Stone , Taizhou stone industrial zone, Changshan Jiangshan in the vicinity of Landscape stone, bonsai stone, slate industrial area and Zhejiang the first stone of the township Tonglu Zhongshan Township, this township has abundant stone resources and proven reserves of 2 billion cubic meters, 103 township enterprises have been stone, producing plates for more than 1 million square meters, annual production value of nearly 4 billion, is the township's "3" pillar industry, the first "head." Stone companies in these areas are now seizing the opportunity, new and expanding businesses, such as the Hangzhou Sanjiang stone, stone Amagawa Ningbo, Ningbo and the rise of up to Stone, Stone Industry Kunshan five continents and so moved to new premises on the large sand saws, large and continuous row of saw mill, so that the productivity of enterprises pointed out repeatedly, is moving in the direction of the development of the scale. Meanwhile, the province stone for the integration in Shanghai, into the "Yangtze River Delta" economic circle, many enterprises in Shanghai and even the "Yangtze River Delta" area set up design, decoration, processing, construction stone business contract, directly to participate in the Greater Shanghai and the "triangle" around the town building.



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