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Not everyone wants to know how to make money. Those that know are the ones that make loads of money. And it’s not that everyone is able to make money using ethical means.

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Not everyone wants to know how to make money. Those that know are the ones that make loads of money. And it’s not that everyone is able to make money using ethical means. Those that do are admired as the best entrepreneurs worldwide. Robert Duggan is one of these ethical entrepreneurs. Robert or Bob Duggan is your quintessential American entrepreneur who knows where the money is and how to get it. He has generated tremendous wealth and makes meaningful contributions to the society at large.


Robert Duggan started off his career in sales and it was evident quite early that he had a knack for selling. His first career was with Sunset Designs where he sold children’s embroidery and enjoyed great success with the product. He then ventured into the bakery industry with Paradise Bakery. This was followed by GTSI, where he invested money and helped the company earn the kind of revenue it had never earned before. He is also one of the pioneers of the Ethernet technology. He invested in VME, a company that produces Ethernet chips.


Bob Duggan’s last two jobs were perhaps the most important of his career. As Chairman of the Board of Computer Motion, the first robotic surgery company in the world, became highly successful. He is also the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Pharmacyclics, a leading biotech company. When many thought that Pharmacyclics was a bubble about to burst, Duggan turned it around completely. Under Robert Duggan, the share price of Pharmacyclics continued to grow from $25 to $90. Since he took over as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Pharmacyclics in 2008, the stock price of the company had a 4,000% increase overall. Now this is not a joke at all. He is also the founder of Robert Duggan & Associates, a company that invests in billboard, biomedical, communication, high technology, information services, medical and media companies.


Bob Duggan is also a philanthropist. He is associated with some well-known organizations that work for social causes. Bob Duggan, along with his wife Trish, contributes to The Way to Happiness, an organization for crime reduction and improvement of human lives. He donates to Applied Scholastics for improvement of literacy and learning.


He has also supported a program or rehabilitating convicts and Narconon, a most successful rehabilitation program for drug addiction. He is also very much into reducing child drug addiction through The Truth About Drugs. And for citizens that want to know about their rights and the protection of their rights, Duggan helps them by contributing to and and the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights.


Robert Duggan has not only achieved great wealth. He has made enough money in his lifetime and he is now finding out more and more ways to spend his money for the welfare of the human race. Not everyone invests money like Bob Duggan, even when they have it.

Everyone knows that Bob Duggan is financially successful, but very few know that Robert Duggan invests a lot of it for humanitarian purposes. He’s a strong believer in giving back.



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