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Role of DWI Lawyer Pennsylvania By Michael Greenberg

  in Advice | Published 2017-02-13 01:10:21 | 589 Reads | Unrated


If you are charged with DWI/DUI or any other driving traffic violations, stop worrying! Take a look at these points that can solve your issue.

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Any DWI Lawyer in Pennsylvania must be primarily cognizant about all the DWI law in the state. Obviously!

 Drinking while impaired or drinking while intoxicated is what DWI refers to. At any place, this traffic violation can cause you disturbance; so why not in Pennsylvania?

If you belong to Pennsylvania, and you are charged for DWI traffic violence, this article on DWI in Pennsylvania can help you.


The state

of Pennsylvania doesn’t allow any operation of motor vehicles with drivers having .08% of toxic elements in their body. This percentage is above BAC- Blood Alcohol concentration- which is measured across the United States for DWI cases.

 The punishment is believed to be depended on the amount of alcohol consumed. It means the more you drink, harsher will be the punishment.

After being charged for a DWI case in Pennsylvania:

If you drive under the traffic violation of DWI and gets caught in Pennsylvania, the repercussions are very severe.

  • The first time you get arrested for DWI in Pennsylvania and are convicted. The punishment can bring six months probation along with $300 fine.
  • If your BAC is above 10 to 55, you have to:
  1. Pay a fine of $500,
  2. 2days to six months of imprisonment,
  3. Perhaps suspension of driving license for about a year.
  • If you are caught for the second time and convicted. The state of Pennsylvania can sentence you for 5 days to six months of imprisonment; a fine of $300 top $2500.
  • If your BAC goes beyond 10 to 59. The punishments are
  1. 30 days to six months in prison
  2. $750 to $5000 fine
  3. Suspension of driving license for a year
  4. You may be sent for rehabilitation
  • For the third time, your punishment will certainly increase such as:
  1. 10 days to 2 years in prison,
  2. A fine between $500 to $5000
  3. Installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for a year etc.

Well after conviction, it becomes devastating for someone to handle DWI cases alone.

There, the role of a traffic ticket layer becomes important.

Preferring a DWI lawyer in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is bounded with strict actions in case of any traffic violations. To deal with the after effects of a conviction; you require knowledge and information about legal laws in Pennsylvania. It becomes important especially in DWI.

 An attorney who understands the law can provide you knowledge about the DWI penalties in Pennsylvania. He can serve you by defending your case strongly.  

A traffic lawyer can cancel or make your punishment less intense. You‘ll be able to face a kind of relief after approaching a lawyer. A traffic lawyer can provide you with aid through:

  1. Counseling and guidance
  2. Reducing the charges
  3. Handling all the legal documents
  4. Has efficiency in dealing with traffic violations etc.

If you are looking for solutions in DWI traffic violations, prefer Michael Curtis Greenberg’s service. He is an attorney handling traffic violations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with an experience of about 25 years.

His experience in DWI/DUI cases is immense. The service can assure you quality interference while defending.

Other major cases that come under Michael Curtis Greenberg are district court and municipal court crimes.  

About the author:

He is an experienced criminal lawyer who has his offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He helps people with different type of cases such as DUI/DWI, Traffic Violations, Penalties, etc.

If you have any legal issues regarding traffic violations visit Michael Curtis Greenberg’s site for more information.



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