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Rural Building Energy Situation is Grim But Have Great Potential By Lanbo Jiang

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Since reform and opening, with the improvement of their living standards, upgrading of rural housing has entered a peak period In the majority of farmers towards the well-off, while the energy consumption of residential villages coincided with an unprecedented level of change

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Since reform and opening, with the improvement of their living standards, upgrading of rural housing has entered a peak period. In the majority of farmers towards the well-off, while the energy consumption of residential villages coincided with an unprecedented level of change.

Now, China's rural civil goods and use of energy per unit area of the total energy consumption of goods should be higher than in urban construction. In China, rural area of 24 billion square meters civil construction, accounting for 60% of the total building area. How to promote the new rural construction
and to ensure their living standards to further enhance the premise of creating a healthy, comfortable and safe indoor environment for rural construction, and not caused by substantial growth in energy consumption, China's new rural construction must face and resolve strategic issues.To do this, visit the Department of Building Science, Tsinghua University, rural building energy discussion group, understand that building energy efficiency in rural China has great tap potential.Grim situation of rural building energy consumption.

According to Building Energy Research Center of Tsinghua University from 2006 to 2007 large-scale organization of rural research found that consumption of rural life has reached 190 million tons of standard coal, accounting for China's energy consumption 37% of the total construction. 60% of coal, electricity and other non-renewable energy, 40% of firewood, straw and other renewable energy sources, the proportion of non-renewable energy use to improve the standard of living as farmers has increased significantly. In such a large energy consumption in rural house in northern annual heating energy consumption reached 090 million tons of standard coal, accounting for 45% of the total rural energy consumption, and coal is the main heating fuel.

Meanwhile in Beijing rural areas through construction and energy status of targeted research and analysis, the heating energy consumption is high because of the following three aspects:

First, dwelling in their poor thermal characteristics of envelope structure . More than 97% of the agricultural house envelope had no insulation, and windows, roof and other poor seal. Second, inefficient heating equipment. Over 50% of households use heating to Kang and soil heating, but the thermal efficiency of only 40%. Third, farmers awareness of energy conservation is weak. With the improvement of economic level, farmers pay more attention to the aesthetics of rural house, rural house, but on the functions and consider more than energy efficiency.

Because there is a large number of non-agricultural house clean fuel inefficient combustion, coupled with the existence in the countryside are some unhealthy habits, the health of farmers caused great harm. Such as coal, the direct burning of straw and firewood, the irrational layout of the room functions and personnel in the room smoking, lack of ventilation and smoke extraction measures, as well as casual backyard poultry, so that the indoor environment in rural areas and the beautiful outdoor environment for the formation of a sharp contrast.Building energy efficiency technology in rural areas.

Department of Building Science, Tsinghua University, building energy conservation discussion group from the rural areas started in early 2006 a number of aspects of building energy efficiency in rural areas of theoretical research and practical attempt to clear the fundamental way to address these issues, and conducted a series of energy-saving agricultural technology integration house engineering practice and research on rural house wall insulation and passive solar use, energy-saving behavior, use of active systems in areas such as the optimization analysis, and energy saving effects of various technologies have been evaluated and creative significance.

Experimental results show that the maturity of the technology developed by topic group easy, safe and reliable, can really achieve the improvement of rural living conditions of existing and new construction to save energy, reduce pollution target, will cut more than 50% of household heating in winter coal consumption, and the winter temperature can be increased from about 10 to 16 or more. The deepest impression to reporters outside the living room of a glass corridor, between technical staff called the sun. According to reports, in the rural house where good thermal insulation, cold air infiltration load on the building while the effect of the open window again farmers cold air infiltration capacity of the direct impact. Thus, in some suitable additional housing structure between the sun certainly is a good choice.

In the case of setting the sun between 60% energy savings.Summary of experience in the demonstration project, based on the discussion group explored a suitable strategy for rural energy development and energy conservation strategies that rural energy development should be based on local production of straw, firewood and other biomass sources of clean, efficient use of , with solar, wind and small hydropower and other clean renewable energy, and then assisted a small amount of electrical energy, to develop a sustainable development of rural energy solution to really solve the rural energy dependence on conventional products.

Promote the application of technology and future prospects.Department of Building Science, Tsinghua University, building energy conservation discussion group of rural countryside in the new building energy efficiency research is the first large-scale attempt, in the energy-saving evaluation system, system optimization, technology integration, integrated demonstration leading position in many areas. CCTV science research has been taken into thematic television channels. U.S. National Academy of Sciences Shi Ke? Smith on the study spoke highly of China and promote the declaration of the first clean energy in rural areas of developing special. Prestigious academic journals "Nature" magazine also carried a special report of the results.

Currently, the research group has been completed in Beijing Fangshan district village of ecological energy-saving demonstration project focused on rural house, and the Joint Association for Sustainable Development in Beijing and other units, in Pinggu, Shijingshan, Huairou, Miyun and many in the County completed a 500 multi-family dwelling in the actual reconstruction project. If the entire northern region to promote, coal consumption for heating can be saved each year about 050 million tons of standard coal, equivalent to 50 billion yuan, with significant economic benefits.



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