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Selling your home? Get a valuation from UK’s leading auctioneers By Declan Ellis

  in Real Estate | Published 2017-08-22 02:31:19 | 188 Reads | Unrated


Are you selling a property for the first time? We know it can be a daunting process so why not with the help of Auction House Cumbria, sell it through a property auction.

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If you’re selling a property – especially if it’s your first time doing so – it can be quite a daunting process. Many people would head straight to their local estate agents for some expert advice without even thinking about the possibility of selling their house at a property auction Lake District, but in fact, this method is an easy and effective way of selling your property and getting the price you deserve for it.

The UK’s leading property auctioneers, Auction House, offer a free valuation of your home if you request one, so you can get a good ide

a of how much your property would sell for at property auctions Lake District. Particularly if you’ve lived in your home for a lot of years, the price it is valued at may be substantially more or less than you expect it to be, so it’s always a good idea to speak to a professional for a guide price before you try to sell.

Why sell at auction rather than going through a private estate agent?

While many people will prefer selling their house through a private estate agent, property auctions Lake District have many advantages that you just won’t get with a private company. Some of the positive aspects of selling at a property auction Lake District are as follows…

Speed of sale

It’s been proven that there’s no faster way to sell a property – whether it’s a residential property, a commercial property, a mixed-use building or a plot of land – than at property auctions Lake District. The complete selling process, from instruction to completion, can take you as little as eight weeks.

High success rates

Selling at a property auction Lake District will give you a more promising chance of selling your property than by using a private estate agent. Auction House has, in recent years, sold an average of 75-80% of all the lots it has had up for auction, meaning your chance of sale is exceptionally high.

Help with marketing

Especially if you choose to sell at one of Auction House’s property auctions Lake District, you’ll benefit from the company’s targeted marketing strategies. Over the years, they have developed a database of local, regional and national property buyers, and they will proactively send out your property’s details to those who may be interested. This marketing service also includes advertising for your property on online portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, in their own high quality catalogues, via their e-mail marketing campaigns, on their website and via their social media pages.

How do you make a start on selling with a company like this?

The team at Auction House are specialists in their trade and are more than happy to give advice to those who need it, and share the relevant information should you need their help. If you’re interested in selling your house at a property auction Lake District, simply give the team a call today. They can then arrange a comprehensive valuation of your property so you know exactly what to expect should you put your property under the hammer. Visit the Auction House website for more information, auction dates in your area and contact details today.



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