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Send, Give--Swiftly! THE Online Gift Certificate Store is here! By GC Regalo From Sodexo and SM

  in Recreation | Published 2015-04-20 10:52:43 | 403 Reads | Unrated


GC Regalo from Sodexo and SM is an online platform allowing anyone--families here and OFWs abroad--to send gift certificates to loved ones in the Philippines, and enjoy them since they are accepted in more than 8,000 stores althroughout the country!

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Have you ever considered giving Gift Certificates as a present to someone?

Choosing the right gift to someone can be a dilemma because there are a lot of items out there. The best solution that I could suggest is to use gift certificates as a present to someone. A lot of advantage could come your way if you choose to give gift certificates.

And then, there’s more!

A company known in the Philippines as the direct producer and seller of gift certificates has recently launched an innovation. A brainchild from its partnership with SM, the leading retail compa

ny in the Philippines, the online means to send gift certificates to loved ones is the newest offer by Sodexo Philippines, the direct producer of the SM Gift Pass and Sodexo Premium Pass. As I have seen, they launched the Online Gift Certificate Store bearing the name and tagline: “GC Regalo, Ang Gift Certificate ng Bayan”. Anyone—families, online shoppers and gift givers, businessmen and all the more, OFWs—could benefit from it. To cite, they should take the opportunity as an advantage by which they could send gift certificates to their beloved, friends, co–workers, partners and acquaintances all over the Philippines.

How about you? Try it! What I found to be some of the advantages from the online GC platform:

  • Giving gifts happens in JUST A CLICK AWAY! We don’t have to go to where Sodexo is, or to the nearest SM Store just to purchase or order the gift certificates, because with the innovation, giving gift certificates is just a breeze.


  • FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! You can give your recipient the freedom of choosing what gift they like. How?


  • It’s accepted at the country’s most enjoyable stores! The SM Gift Pass can be used in all SM-affiliated establishments, while the Sodexo Premium Pass can also be used there, plus in 8,000 other stores nationwide!


  • FREE SHIPPING!!! The gift certificates you have ordered online will be free of shipping charge, for every minimum purchase of P2000. That’s guaranteed free sending anywhere in the Philippines!

I liked it, and to those who are starting to like the idea of sending gift certificates to their loved ones, here’s the catch: It’s up and running—now! Yes—it’s been up and running! All you need to do is visit its website, Don’t forget my wish, friends! Hahaha!



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