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Shoe Brand to Expand After the Crisis By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2011-08-28 13:47:43 | 138 Reads | Unrated


Recently, the "2010 shoe fashion conference," scheduled be held in the fashion capital of Shanghai, the domestic shoe brands flock, many shoe brands showed off its own unique features shoes, Gilda main function of air pushing nanotechnology shoes Jiang Dr

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Recently, the "2010 shoe fashion conference," scheduled be held in the fashion capital of Shanghai, the domestic shoe brands flock, many shoe brands showed off its own unique features shoes, Gilda main function of air pushing nanotechnology shoes Jiang. Dr. shoes claim to be health experts, advocacy Paul Getty "shoe and foot of harmony" idea ... ... Function shine the shoes, some follow the trend of those who followed, feverishly to catch up with the trend, which, Peking University, Dr. Zhu Huaijiang warned: "The hope is to cast shoes brand his soul rather than to follow suit. in the post-cris
is era, shoes, brand development should not have to follow suit."

Follow Suit is Equal to Suicide

Currently there are shoes follow the trend of market phenomena, you copied me, and my impression of you, causing serious footwear homogenization. Plagiarism has become habit, imitation became the evil tricks to steal the "art", putting in a lot of money and effort to research and innovation in the shoe to be seen as "Sha Mao"; finally been developed, patented product is misused by some unscrupulous companies for doing nothing grab, and then they "grafted" on the profits in their own products; because a lot of money has been invested research, those who have worked hard to create out of the new tech products is not due to lack of funds in the market, "shine" Therefore, some shoes, too lazy to re-invested enterprises engaged in scientific research, but others, and follow the crowd, gradually lost their brand values.

Zhuhuai Jiang said: "In the frenzy to catch up with 'trends', and work while intoxicated, the lack of independent thinking of the Chinese shoe brand is the face of personal loss; when all the shoe brands share a way of thinking, we only got into a culture or the crowded narrow shoe market, another bump, another squeeze, then slowly decline and collapse. "

The late 20th century, Gilda Shoes researchers painstakingly, nano materials for the shoe, the shoe while the installation of air conditioning equipment, and ultimately developed into as the "foot air-conditioned" and "Nano Air Conditioning shoes. " The shoes of people walking in the shoes can aggregate of cavity discharge, clean the air inside shoes to reduce sweat, foot odor, this harvest more than 20 patents. Did not expect, some shoe see "Nano Air Shoes" hot market, they produce oxygen bar shoes, breathing shoes, air shoes, shoes, etc.

A similar structure, resulting in consumers foggy on the whole quite a mixed bag of features shoes skeptical about the market, resulting in slow development of China's capabilities shoes, the leader of the lack of functional shoes shoes brand. The results did not broaden the width of the market, China's shoe brand is not "carried forward", it touches Jisi trampled to death those who kill a large following of fashion.

Brand has a Soul there is Hope

The soul of the brand is the core value of the brand, which includes the brand value of the core material, the core spirit of the brand value, brand value of the core personality.

According to statistics, in 2009 China's footwear (shoes, sneakers, shoes, shoes) and so yield more than 10 billion pairs, accounting for more than 50% of world production, ranking first in the world. However, the low level of industry competition, margins are thin, well-known fact that shoe brand is rare. In order to carry forward China's shoe brand, sustainable development, the impact of the international market, China has begun to refine some of the brand shoes, brand personality and spirit, attached and integrated into the shoe brand to create a unique brand appeal, giving products more sentimental value.

The unique core concept of branding is the brand to the international market, an important weapon. At present, the Gilda's "letter of their every step," Belle's "Variety, so beautiful," Li Ning's "Anything is possible" and so on brand shoes in China was the core idea is also very classic shape, these shoes brand can be swept the market.

Brand shoes brand development must find a point of difference and the core point, shape the soul of the brand shoes. In Shanghai "famous into the famous restaurant" docking exhibition, Chinese leather shoe Office Wei Asian-African Association for the author talked about the shoes and brand expansion sentiment, she believes that the core concept of a new pool, configured itself to brand positioning, developed Rich with fashion tech products into the era of passion element, will enable the enrichment of the core values of brand shoes, brand shoes to give the soul, which is a necessary prerequisite to expand the brand shoes, brand shoes, is also a hope for the future.



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