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Bicycle tours with Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations, allows you to experience travel that provides you the opportunity to experience a destination in a completely unique light.

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Leading an active lifestyle has become very important for many individuals; Sojourn now offers Bicycling and Active Vacations to all, allowing for active people to take advantage of their interest in cycling and exercising while discovering unique parts of the continent. Whether you are planning a large trip with a whole group of people or looking for a more intimate experience, Sojourn can help you organize a special experience tailored to your expectations. With Sojourn, you will get to experience the exhilaration of cycling your way through the most b
reathtaking regions of North America.

Sojourn is an organisation that helps vacationers to plan the best Active Vacation of their life. The personalized bike tours offered by Sojourn include remarkable accommodations and lodging, meals, support and service as well as a thorough attention to detail. The team working at Sojourn will work with you and your group to ensure that everything is planned according to your needs and expectations but will also make important recommendation to ensure that you get the best Bicycling adventure possible. Sojourn's promise is that you will get a carefree vacation entirely planned by professionals and experts in the field of Bicycling and Active Vacations.

What makes Sojourn the ultimate choice for your future Bicycling Vacation plans is their available and supportive team of tour leaders. For every tour organized by Sojourn, groups are accompanied by 2 tour leaders; one of them will bike alongside the group while the second leader usually drives nearby with a van full of snacks and beverages. Sojourn's tour leaders are very knowledgeable about the local community or region you are about to bike your way through and will offer valuable information about the location, activities to do and things to see.

Sojourn's most popular Bicycling and Active Vacations destinations include unique locations such as the Sonoran Desert, near Tucson in Arizona. The Sonoran Desert offers gorgeous diverse sceneries and is praised to be travelers' favourite cycling destination. For travelers looking for a Canadian experience, Sojourn offers a unique experience in Niagara-on-the-Lake, one of the most remarkably pretty towns in the country. Groups will get to bike alongside Welland Canal and attend various private wine tours and tastings – the ultimate experience in Ontario's wine country. Sojourn also offers many other destinations including Vermont, Quebec City, Sonoma Wine Coast and North Carolina.

If you are looking for a unique experience of Bicycling and Active Vacations, Sojourn definitely can offer you the most distinguished and resourceful bicycling adventure. With tour leaders possessing a thorough knowledge of each destination, access to quality accommodations for every tour and a supportive staff to help you plan your trip, Sojourn has established itself as one of the most recognized companies offering Active Vacation plans. Booking your next cycling trip with Sojourn will give you peace of mind, knowing that all the small details are being taken care of and that you will have the time of your life with Sojourn Bicycling and Active Vacations.

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Sojourn specializes in extraordinary bike tours and active vacations throughout North America. Choose from destinations artfully selected for breathtaking scenery, unique points of interest, fabulous cycling, and distinctive lodging. For more information visit


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