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South Korean Kimchi Crisis Warning People By Lanbo Jiang

  in Opinions | Published 2011-12-20 22:29:19 | 178 Reads | Unrated


Korea, Chinese cabbage and radish surprising level of prices This week the South Korean market and grocery stores sold an average price of cabbage Meike 10,000 won (about $ 8) is in September 3000 won a 3-fold over the same period last year, 1,600 won one of six times

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Korea, Chinese cabbage and radish surprising level of prices. This week the South Korean market and grocery stores sold an average price of cabbage Meike 10,000 won (about $ 8) is in September 3000 won a 3-fold over the same period last year, 1,600 won one of six times. Many people began to use the carrot as a substitute, to promote the turnip prices rose more than double the same period last year. Radish price is about 4,150 won each (3.7 U.S. dollars), compared with 3,000 won before Mid-Autumn Festival (2.7 U.S. dollars) rose to Jinsi Cheng, soared 251.7 percent over last year. That is, the
price is now equivalent to the Korean market cabbage Meike more than 50 yuan, the equivalent of radishes around 25 RMB each.

Kimchi is exceptionally important for the Korean people. In Korea, "If you do not eat three meals a day pickles, you are not Korean," said the highlight of Korean kimchi importance. The main material is cabbage kimchi, cabbage price inflation inevitably makes the Korean "kimchi complex" damage. On a "kimchi crisis" has made Korea very confusing: buy cabbage, radishes are beginning to appear; night line up the ranks of the purchase price of cabbage Olga Bay and some people get up early to queue; thieves began stealing cabbage; Korea because "kimchi crisis", the residents began to increase the government's dissatisfaction with the situation, many people began to criticize the government. On a "kimchi crisis" to force the government had to cancel import tariffs on Chinese cabbage. "Kimchi crisis" led to the crisis South Korean table, the table is the crisis led to the crisis.

South Korean "kimchi crisis" is a warning to many countries, especially the large population, adjacent to South Korea, China, warning more. South Korea to the "kimchi crisis" blame the weather. South Korea's persistent cold weather in spring, summer high temperatures there, in September and had met with heavy rain, resulting in crop failures, and induce higher food prices. The situation is almost identical to neighboring China, South Korea. But requires a high degree of attention is that China is the world's most populous country, if they are Korean like "kimchi crisis" led to Chinese cabbage, radish rose 6 times a cabbage 50 yuan, 25 yuan a case of radish, China contradictions guided much more serious than the Korean.

Contrast Korean "kimchi crisis", we have been "pork crisis", "crisis garlic, ginger crisis" is being renewed. "Pork crisis" by the government successfully resolved, garlic, ginger condiments are not only price increases will not be living a major impact. Once the cabbage, carrots and other common vegetables prices higher impact on people's livelihood will be enormous.

Must recognize the possibility of higher vegetable prices of Chinese cities exist. Cold, heat, rain and other natural disasters continue to wreak havoc of vegetables cut, liquidity, speculation led to relative surplus of the phenomenon, pushed up the price of vegetables was extremely serious. Real estate development in recent years in particular, exponential rate of increase in vegetable fields around the city have become a large cement bricks. Lead to increased transportation costs, increased transport links, pushing up vegetable prices.

Deserves more attention is that South Korea to resolve the "kimchi crisis" has been abolished import duties on Chinese cabbage, this vegetable market in China for the neighbors certainly not a small impact. China will certainly be directed at a large number of Korean vegetable market, a substantial increase in high-price exports to South Korea, China's domestic vegetable market will inevitably bring a new round of price increases. Departments should quickly come up with countermeasures.

If a new round of prices of vegetables, especially cabbage, etc. Anyway, prices not only put pressure on people's life, and will fuel inflation further higher. China's inflation rate has exceeded the warning level of 3%, if the deal is not good Korean cabbage vegetable market at high prices of the impact of China, then place in China may lead to full inflation. In this regard, must not be taken lightly.



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