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If you’re a corporate executive or a meeting planner who needs to book a public speaker for a conference, you need not look any further than Speakers.com.

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If you’re a corporate executive or a meeting planner who needs to book a public speaker for a conference, you need not look any further than Speakers.com.

The first Web site of its kind, Speakers.com specializes in bringing all types of knowledgeable individuals together, offering their services as motivational and public speakers for all types of events. Gone are the days when trying to pin down a speaker for an event was a painstaking process; now, through one convenient portal, you ca

n have access to individuals from all walks of life who are expert commentators on all types of subjects. From politics, humor, business, entertainment and motivational (plus much more), you have a wealth of areas to choose from, along with individuals who are experienced speakers in their chosen fields. Speakers.com makes it easy to book whichever individual you’d like for all different types of events.

Speakers.com was established in 1994 by Barbara Bartos, a speaking industry veteran, and Glenn Smith, a business technology consultant. Their prior successes arranging speaking engagements lead to the formation of Speakers.com, and its innovative Direct Access speaker database. Today, Speakers.com is the premier resource for booking leadership and other types of speakers.

There are two ways to book public speakers from Speakers.com. If you know exactly who you want and which topic you would like for your speaking engagement, you can choose from a listing of speakers with Direct Access. By choosing this category, you are able to contact the speaker or a representative directly, to check
availability and book an event. Finding your speakers directly through Speakers.com cuts out the inconvenient unfiltered searches you would get on a search engine, narrowing down your choices to only pre-screened, qualified speakers.

If you are not as “hands-on” or do not have the time to recruit a speaker yourself, Speakers.com can do all the heavy lifting for you.  An experienced Speakers.com consultant can assist with individualized service and targeted solutions for your speaking engagement needs. This takes the pressure off finding that perfect speaker for your event, and lets you concentrate on other details of the meeting or conference. In Addition, certain speakers are only available through the use of one of Speakers.com’s consultants. If you are looking to book one of those speakers, it can only be done through the use of this service.

Speakers.com believes the Power of Knowledge is important when planning an effective conference or meeting. There are countless speakers out there who are more than willing to speak for a price, but if you don’t do your homework, you’re never sure what you are getting. Establishing a partnership with Speakers.com assures you that you will be getting a quality speaker in the area of expertise you need to make your event a success. The days of endless reviews of biographies and press kits are over; all you have to do is search Speakers.com and you will find exactly the speaker you are looking for.

To learn more about Speakers.com and their public speakers, visit their Web site at speakers.

Speakers.com is an International Speakers Bureau which presents speakers from all over the world. Their list of speakers are included from all the industries like political and current affairs, management and leadership, technology, entertainment, celebrity speakers, marketing speakers, public speakers and many more industries. For more information please visit www.speakers.com.  



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