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Speculation Food Does Not Meet China's National Conditions By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business Management | Published 2011-10-27 00:40:19 | 149 Reads | Unrated


Recently, both domestic and international, both futures and spot, bulk agricultural products (1713, -0

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Recently, both domestic and international, both futures and spot, bulk agricultural products (17.13, -0.74, -4.14%), including wheat, cotton and maize prices strengthened after another.

Internationally, the wheat produced by the big powers Russia, a serious drought, the end of June the price of wheat has risen more than 50%, European wheat prices have risen as high as 2 years.

Domestically, wheat-growing areas in China's Henan Province, one of the new season of wheat harvest has just been listed on the face "to go, opening with": the current price of wheat have be
en station on the 1 yuan / kg in the high, some places even up to 1.05 yuan / kg, and last year's 0.9 yuan / kg compared to, or more than 10%.

Speculators in the eyes of capital markets, agricultural products, no doubt to "rally the opportunity." Their reason is that, not only in Russia, agricultural products around the world are facing pressure to cut production and prices. And compared to industrial, agricultural demand elasticity is small, and had significantly underestimated the value. China's soybean, cotton and corn markets have made in advance of the 2010/11 procurement arrangements, and increasingly weak U.S. dollar from investors view on commodities including agricultural products, including the formation of a profitable market, and so on, were they considered agricultural products important factor up.

August 5, the world's most important agricultural products futures exchange in Chicago for wheat prices to daily limit to close at a record 23 months since a new high, and drive corn prices more than 13 intraday high of months. And from the China Futures Association's latest statistics also show that in July, commodity futures in the ale Masukura 191.84%, chain growth rate ranks first in all varieties. Increase in transaction size, while agricultural products is very obvious signs of capital inflows. In addition to ale outside in July, early rice, beans and soybean meal and other positions the second significant increase in the rate of 43.8%, respectively, 35.14% and 26.02%.

What the future will be staged farm price war, we do not know, but now all major grain-producing land in China, staged a "Qiangliang" struggle, it should arouse people's alertness. Although not to the acquisition of season, but a wide range of acquisition subjects even the influx of foreign capital has food markets, "Qiang Liang," more than in any previous year intense. Only in Shijiazhuang, in addition to the food, Chinese food and other large grain and oil companies have entered into the acquisition market, there are more than 400 in flour processing, food grain trade enterprises with qualifications. Villagers said: in previous years, are we to get food to purchase points to sell this year, many grain traders directly buy them, at home on a good price, they are responsible to get food to go. Some food is still basking in the road closing grain dealers give away.

From the "garlic you relentless" to "bean you play," from "earthshaking spicy" to "Jiang your army", the current food you will repeat their mistakes? "The base price of grain is 100," price too high, you can temporarily do not buy, but rice and flour meat dishes, but can not eat, agricultural and sideline products is real people can not do without the rigid requirements. Recently, a number of agricultural market regulation and policies related to intensive introduction, July 28, the National Development and Reform Commission on the number of ministries jointly issued a three and one-time farm-related government documents, were involved in large agricultural market regulation and control system and mechanism minimum purchase price and the temporary storage of food grain procurement policy. In order to stabilize wheat prices, the state last month, efforts continue to strengthen regulation of the market: acquisition of suspended prop up the market to keep the prop up the market 4.5 million tons per week put on the acquisition of market price checks on illegal speculation in agricultural-related penalties for ... ... in China , the state firmly in control of the acquisition and sale of two food because food is the lifeline of the 1.3 billion Chinese people, "fried" food does not meet China's national conditions!



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