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Sticky Fingers Bakeries is a fine seller of delicious scone mix which allows even the busiest people to enjoy the great taste of baked goods without the time and mess that goes into making them from scratch.

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Sticky Fingers Bakeries is providing its valued clientele with the most delicious bakery mixes in the country, starting with their tasty Scone Mix, available in many different flavours. Sticky Fingers' Scone Mix is famous for being true to the authentic Scottish tradition, with a unique taste that will leave you breathless. Sticky Fingers Bakeries' mission is to offer commercial locations [coffee shops, groceries...] and individuals the ability to taste freshly baked products without the hassle of baking and cleaning the kitchen right after.
With Sticky Fingers' tasty Scone Mix, you'll taste a little bit of England in the comfort of your home.

Scones a traditionally a British tradition; it is a small quick bread, or cake if the recipe includes sugar made of wheat, barley or oatmeal. While being highly popular in England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United States, scones are eaten all around the world and consist of a perfect treat to celebrate or simply to accompany the afternoon tea. Sticky Fingers' Scone Mix are perfect for any occasions and will leave wanting some more; the convenience of only adding water to be able to bake a batch of irresistible scones for a small get together or simply to indulge on your own.

Sticky Fingers' English Scone Mixes gives you freshly baked scones that are lightly sweet and crumbly, with an unforgettable taste. The mix comes in many different flavours, including the original Scone Mix, apricot, lemon ginger, apple cinnamon, wild blueberry, lemon poppyseed, black currant, cranberry, cocoa-chocolate dip, cinnamon raisin, tart cherry, raspberry, pumpkin cranberry, pumpkin spice and even holiday specials peppermint chocolate chip and spiced eggnog. All Sticky Fingers products are made from quality ingredients carefully selected in order to offer you the best tasting mixes in the country. Just add water, stir and bake!

Sticky Fingers Bakeries has a long history, starting with two fraternity brothers, Thomas Owens and Ted Vogelman. Back in 1987, the two men owned a bakery based in San Diego, California, specialized in muffins, cakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls for coffee shops and individuals. In 1989, Owens and Vogelman started to try and develop a unique Scone Mix that would only require the addition of water before baking. The first purpose of this mix was to obtain a more consistent quality of products; today, the Scone Mixes are one of Sticky Fingers' best selling products.

Sticky Fingers Bakeries is proud to be able to offer its valued clientele a unique, tasty Scone Mix only requiring the addition of water to complete the recipe. Sticky Fingers offers the largest selection of English Scone Mixes worldwide and is the number one name catering to hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. With a unique recipe, flavourful products and an incredible variety of products, Sticky Fingers Bakeries surely has established itself as a world leading provider of baking mixes.

For more information on Sticky Fingers Bakeries or to order their delicious Scone Mix, please visit Stickyfingersbakeries.

Sticky Fingers Bakeries is a manufacturer and retailer of English scone mixes, brownie mixes, muffin mixes, bread mixes and English curds and Northwest jams. For more information, please visit


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