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Sticky Fingers Bakeries Brownie mix allows even the busiest people to enjoy the great taste of baked goods without the time and mess that goes into making them from scratch.

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If you love enjoying the great taste of home-made brownies but can’t afford to commit the time or effort to bake those goodies yourself, the brownie mix offered by Sticky Fingers Bakeries will make your taste buds go wild. Sticky Fingers Bakeries is well-known for their bakery mixes and the authenticity of their taste; its home-made baking made easy for all. Their brownie mix is perfect for any occasion and will make your mouth water as a simple treat for yourself or your friends and family.

If you’ve already tried any of the Sticky Fingers Bakeries products, you already
know how easy to use those mixes are. Whether you are making brownies, muffins, bread or crumbly English scones, the mixes all work the same – you add the necessary ingredients, you stir, and you bake the mix. For the famous brownie mix, you only need water, eggs and oil and you’re all set. No more monster mess in the kitchen, no more long hours baking before the guests arrive. With Sticky Fingers Bakeries’ brownie mix, you’ll get gooey and incredibly chocolaty brownies in a matter of minutes without the pile of dishes and the flour mess to clean up.

The delicious brownie mix by Sticky Fingers Bakeries comes in different flavors. The Chocolate Fudge brownie mix is made with cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and milk chocolate chips. The Mint Chocolate Chip mix is infused with premium cocoa, cocoa powder and creamy mint-chocolate drops. Sticky Fingers also offers an Espresso Fudge mix, with a light taste of coffee added to the chocolate goodness of the original mix. All the mixes are handcrafted with the finest ingredients and seem to be drowning in delicious chocolate, which is perfect to satisfy your cravings or to offer as a gift for a special person. The brownie mix bag will get you a 2”x2” brownie that can be separated in approximately 16 portions and contains no trans fat.

Sticky Fingers Bakeries have retailers all over the country to serve their loyal customers no matter what their location is. You can drive to the retailer’s location and grab your favorite Sticky Fingers brownie mix right away or, if you are more patient, you can order their variety of products off of their website. Sticky Fingers offers a variety of products such as English scones and curds, Northwest jams, muffin mixes, brownie mixes, bread mixes and now has a selection of holiday-time products like the eggnog muffin mix and the pumpkin spice scone mix. You can also order institutional size scone mixes from Sticky Fingers for your own bakery or store.
Whether you are looking to cater for friends and family, to treat yourself or to organize a bake sale, Sticky Fingers Bakeries can help you by offering you their incredible selection of home-made baking style mixes like their chewy brownie mix recipe.

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