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Symptoms And Herbal Remedies To Cure Iron Deficiency Anemia By Christian Harris

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2015-01-12 03:34:53 | 191 Reads | Unrated


Herboglobin capsule is one of the herbal remedies for iron deficiency anemia. It balances level of natural sources of iron for effective use and absorption into the body.

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Iron deficiency can cause a reduction in the amount of oxygen the blood carries. Anemia can be caused by iron deficiency or due to chronic health conditions which lowers the capability of body to produce red blood cells. Sometimes, the level of iron stored in the human body reduces due to poor intake and excess draw. The body has a small iron backup which may not cause immediate symptoms but once the person suffers from deficiency, the person looks pale and has reduced immune functions. The growth functions or anti aging functions may get impaired and cognition also reduces. The iron defici

ency problem should be closely monitored as it can happen due to poor intake of iron or due to underlying medical problem. The commonest symptoms for iron deficiency anemia are tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin C should be taken in good amount to increase the absorption of iron in body and one should cut off beverages that bind iron and interfere with its absorption into the body. For example - taking tea and coffee can restrict body's capability to get the desired level of iron. Also people who take a high dose of iron supplement should avoid it because iron at high level can be toxic to the body and fatal in certain conditions. Herbal remedies for iron deficiency anemia such as the one provided by Herboglobin capsules offers a great way to reduce these symptoms and get a good source of iron. Herbal remedies for iron deficiency anemia have balanced level of natural sources of iron for effective use and absorption into the body.

Some common symptoms for iron deficiency anemia:

The symptoms for iron deficiency anemia are extreme fatigue, weakness, and pale skin, headache, cold hands, dizziness, and inflammation of tongue, poor appetite and feeling of tingling in legs very often. Anemia is also linked to other health problems such as heart failure, problem of heartbeat, kidney disease which are linked to loss of fluids and sometimes, severe loss of fluids can be life threatening.

The type of iron consumed and its improper absorption can reduce the level of iron in body. People suffering from low iron absorption in the body constantly suffer from dizziness and chest pain. This can also cause shortness of breath and tiredness. Even normal activities become very tough for such a person.

The problem of anemia is common in women. Many women are borderline anemic which means they get poor nutrients to replace the loss of blood after the monthly flow. Another major illness which causes anemia is gastrointestinal bleeding which is also caused by conditions such as ulcerative colitis and diverticulitis. Sometimes, intake of certain medications such as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) can cause blood loss and anemia. People who suffer from gastric ulcers, hookworms, hemorrhoids, hemophilia and related infections of the digestive tract suffer from such conditions.

There are many other lifestyle problems and symptoms for iron deficiency anemia, which can interfere with normal well being. Herbal remedies for iron deficiency anemia offer a great way to prevent these symptoms.

Read about Herbal Treatment For Low Hemoglobin. Also know Cure Anemia, Blood Loss. Read about Herbal Iron Supplements.



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