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Taking Gate Automation Products to the World- CAME, FAAC By ted mark

  in Business | Published 2014-05-10 04:57:47 | 163 Reads | Unrated


At Trade Electric Gates, we stock and supply only best of the best CAME, FAAC, NICE, BFT automation systems that are capable of a wide range of automation.

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At Trade Electric Gates, we stock and supply only best of the best CAME, FAAC, NICE, BFT automation systems that are capable of a wide range of automation.  Our CAME and FAAC control panels are good enough to meet your basic requirements such as quick auto closing of your gates. They come in man

y sizes and shapes, and are suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Powered by heavy-duty electro mechanical systems, our CAME and FAAC kits can handle applications of different loads. These kits can be either placed underground or above the ground surface and are the commonest of choices for both domestic and industrial applications. Besides providing gate operators, FAAC and CAME offer products that are categorized under different classes. In fact, these makers of gate automation and control systems cater to domestic and industrial settings, providing products that include turnstiles, parking area entry, home automation, industrial entrances, and automatic doors as well as safety accessories that operate through remote control. 

These makers are adept at utilizing sophisticated technology to grow their product line. Be sure to check out their offerings. You will see a world of new solutions open up. The possibilities are literally endless with these automation systems and access control systems. Accessories such as lighting reflector stickers, safety controls such as sensor circuits, photocells and magnetic loops can be added to gate operators. Renowned for their ability to take access automation to the next level, FAAC and CAME offer products that stand for great design, performance, technology and durability.

At Trade Electric Gates, we are proud to be dealing with products that stand out for their innovative solutions in the world of access automation and gate automation. Furthermore, we are quite glad to offer world-class products and control systems at low prices. Make sure to check us out and try to make the most of the best deals that we have in store for you.

As one of the primary suppliers of gate automation systems in the UK, we offer products that can be fitted to any kind of gate and accessories that go well with our gate control systems. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed of best products sold at Trade prices and fast delivery.

Supplying gate automation kits and gate motors for electric kits to the public and to the trade is our business. We have heavily invested in the idea of supplying electric gate kits from the top automation and entry control system makers in the world.

We only deal with the world class manufacturers because each of their kits have a great utility and is well suited for different kinds of applications.  Moreover, we can supply our customers with OEM and spare parts at TRADE prices. All these kits are manufactured to industry standards and boast of high quality parts.

Looking for FAAC and CAME products? Check us out today!



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