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Temple's In Greece By gulliver travel

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Gulliver travel provide you a best Greece travel agency, Search for your fairy-tale romance in the Greek islands, Greece island tours a perfect honeymoon destination bathed in sunlight all year long.

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Great weather, beautiful waters and awash with antiquity, it’s no wonder Greece is the destination of choice for a multitude of holidaymakers every year. And with so much to see it’s hard to know where to begin – which is exactly why we thought we’d lend an overly-charitable helping hand with our sparkling list of the Top 10 tourist attractions in Greece.

Kamari Beach

With its wide-arching strip of beach dotted with striped umbrellas, it’s easy to see why Kamari Beach is resort central on Santorini.


The Brits feel at home with English-style breakfast cafes and pubs, but there are resorts, tavernas and restaurants here for all tastes, along with bobbing fishing boats and the easily accessible volcanic-sand beach. In fact, it’s the resort town’s variety when it comes to choosing restaurants and hotels that makes it so popular.

Rent a sun chair and umbrella, or organize water sports like diving and snorkeling. Excursion boats sail along the coast, past the rocky headland of Mesa Vouno that frames Kamari’s beach, across the water to the isle of Anafi. A trail leads to the ruins of Ancient Thira, and in summer the town hosts a jazz festival and outdoor cinema.

Gulliver travel provide you a best Greece travel agency, Search for your fairy-tale romance in the Greek islands, Greece island tours a perfect honeymoon destination bathed in sunlight all year long.

The Windmills (Kato Mili)

The four windmills lined up on a hill overlooking Mykonos Town are a signature island sight. All up there are around two dozen windmills on the island, but these four are the most famous. Capped with wood and straw, the three-story conical windmills were built by the Venetians in the 16th century to mill flour. They remained in use until the early 20th century.

The Bonis Windmill overlooking Little Venice houses a folklore museum, while others around the island now serve as very unusual homes. The views from the windmills over Little Venice and the harbor are stunning, especially at sunset. Sailing into harbor, the windmills are one of the first sights of Mykonos.

Monument of Lysicrates

The Monument of Lysicrates is the best preserved choragic monument in Athens, Greece. In ancient times, statues like this one were built as a base for placing trophies. Theater competitions were organized each year, and the sponsor of the winning performance won a trophy. This particular one was built by Lysicrates, a wealthy citizen of Athens, in the 4th century BC. It stands over 30 feet high and is crowned with a capital in the shape of acanthus leaves. The bronze trophy would have been placed on top of this capital.

On top of the pedestal, you can see a tholos, which is a circular structure with Corinthian columns and covered with a marble roof. Beneath the roof you can see a frieze that shows scenes from the winning play along with Dionysus, the patron god of the stage. The monument was integrated into a Capuchin monastery that was built in the same location in the mid 1600s, which is part of the reason it has survived.



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