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Textile Grim Wheel Kechuang Bumper Contrarian By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2011-07-23 18:41:06 | 125 Reads | Unrated


Since 2008, textile machinery and equipment industry has experienced unprecedented pressures, in the first half of the original, auxiliary materials have increased substantially and the appreciation of the yuan, bank loan interest rate hike several times, most businesses in the state of preservation ; the second half of the U

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Since 2008, textile machinery and equipment industry has experienced unprecedented pressures, in the first half of the original, auxiliary materials have increased substantially and the appreciation of the yuan, bank loan interest rate hike several times, most businesses in the state of preservation; the second half of the U.S. financial crisis , foreign markets plummeted almost to zero sales situations, followed by the impact of the domestic market, most enterprises are in the sluggish sales staff to work less than a reduction in income situation, enterprises have the edge almost to zero, mos
t of the general business to layoffs, forced open the door and collecting debts, to sell products to reduce inventory, etc. just to get by, looking forward to the improvement of the situation in the industry.

Clothing in China's textile machinery and equipment industry is a small industry, but the clothing is the core component spinning carding equipment, due to high technology, known as carding equipment, "heart." Clothing is a special product, which covers the production of material science, surface technology, equipment manufacturing and other scientific fields of integration, product quality improvement each point, is the premise of technological progress, can do clothing companies generally are technology oriented enterprises. Established the company in 1987, the Wheel, in 1990, Take one step ahead of the unique strategic vision, the clothing company R & D strategy as a top priority, and equipment industry in China first established a carding technology R & D centers, and inviting the industry group of senior experts in the field of research and engineering, together to carry out combing the core technology and high end technology development, product development and other new work.

Clothing manufacturing process complicated and difficult to control, each link in the production process requires careful control, and hundreds of technology to achieve precise control of key points, only have management not enough, more needs to sort out Mechanism and carding technology has depth. To make clothing, process is essential. Equipment can be copied, materials can be purchased, but carding understanding, understanding of the product, the depth of the research process can not be imitated and buying. Wheel production in the course of many years, mastered the key technology to produce clothing, and to produce clothing made of traditional enterprises such as a national key high tech enterprises. This fully shows the Kingland Company's leading position in the industry.1 to 4 months of this year, Jiangsu Wheel Kechuang Inc. has created a sales increase of 24% of the outstanding performance, and the company developed "Diamond" series of successful high end clothing with the host device supporting advanced , its excellent product performance and cost effective textile enterprises won approval. So, Kingland clothing in the industry is facing a serious situation is how to achieve marketing and product development double harvest it?

"Line to the international advanced level, the Wheel made world class brand." This is the Wheel's target, but also the efforts of the ideal human Wheel. In recent years, Kingland in product development, manufacturing technology and production and sales have been so rapid development, in particular the use of clothing Kingland performance and durability has made great progress. R & D production of the series of card clothing products have been widely applied to large domestic textile enterprises of the advanced equipment, especially the "Diamond" series of high end card clothing, quality and performance and other international brands Xunsu closer. Currently Kingland clothing production and sales volume has been largest in the world and a leading position in China. Lu Ting in view, Kingland Although the company has done on the relative significance of the "big", but has not done absolute "strong", enterprises still have a long way to go.

According to Lu Ting introduced this year, the domestic textile industry hopes a lot of good results by improving the comb to improve product quality, and that use Chinese clothing products cost effective to obtain high input output ratio. To this end, Kingland company focused on R & D by adjusting the product structure of the production of "Diamond" series of high end clothing, in high end market coverage and sales increased rapidly.20 years of focus on small clothing industry, aiming at world class clothing technology to research ancestors step leading business development strategy, Kingland exploration and research to achieve in domestic clothing difficult to replace imported clothing Run a way to accelerate .

Kingland Chairman Lu Ting believes that market competition would spawn economic crisis, the economic crisis is often birth upgrading and the best opportunity. Kingland order to improve the product's market share has taken to marketing instead of the traditional marketing strategies, optimized and improved sales model and behavior. Specific measures, is the use of economic crisis the time employment, and actively recruit high quality service and product sales, enhance marketing team building. The company also using the optimized performance incentives, full mobilization of the enthusiasm of marketers. Economic crisis offers the opportunity to recruit high quality talent, Kingland use of corporate headquarters relocation Nantong City of favorable conditions to carry out large scale sales and technical service staff recruitment, to improve the marketing team structure, while the company also strengthened the quality of sales and technical personnel training and training to marketing team has been strengthened.



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