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The Best Care Tips for Car Upholstery By Adrian Cordero

  in Automotive | Published 2018-04-14 12:09:12 | 246 Reads | Unrated


Car owners always wish to keep their car clean, shiny, looking great and comfortable. A deep clean car wash is the main key to making any vehicle looking great.

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Car Wash in Albuquerque 

Car owners always wish to keep their car clean, shiny, looking great and comfortable. A deep clean car wash is the main key to making any vehicle looking great. If your car gets dirt, you can wash your car using water and dishwashing liquid. But what would you do when your vehicle’s upholstery becomes stained? Do have any idea on how to clean it? 

The following tips explained by the experts of 

ices/" target="_blank">car washing services Albuquerque will help you in cleaning any stain out of your vehicle’s interior and also maintain the appearance of your car. 

Immediately Deal With Food Spills and Spilled Beverages 

Spilled coco-cola, juice or coffee? Whatsoever it is, the faster you clean up the spills on the upholstery, the less likely they are to stain your carpet or seat fabric. While trying to clean the spilled beverages, dilute the spill with cold water, and then blot out all excess liquid up using a tissue paper or clean rag. Make sure – don’t to use hot water, so it may set the stain. 

Use Glass Cleaner for Challenging Stains 

Stains which seems to be tough to get rid of can be cleaned by using Glass Cleaner. Before using glass cleaner to remove a stain, test it to make sure it won’t stain the fabric or carpet itself. If it doesn’t, then apply glass cleaner in the stained area, let in sit for five minutes and then blot to clean. 

Use Laundry Detergent to Clean Blood Stains 

Don’t let the bloodstains set, as it will cause permanent stains! And also don’t use hot water to remain stains, because as mentioned earlier, it can set the stain. To clean blood stains, mix the mixture of cold water with powdered laundry detergent and then apply this on the stain until the stain dries. And then use a vacuum or brush to remove it. 

Use Ammonia to Brighten Faded Carpet 

If your vehicle’s upholstery is faded, first thoroughly vacuum it and then follow the below steps. Mix a perfect blend of half a cup of ammonia and a pint of water to mop the carpet. Make sure – not to use ammonia, if your carpet is wool! 

Know When to Call the Professionals 

Knowing when to call the experts of car wash in Albuquerque will save your time and also save more dollars. Repeatedly cleaning stubborn stains will cause the upholstery to lose its look and feel. And so, there’s nothing like a professional car wash Westside Albuquerque touch to get your car looking and feeling like new again. 

The author is a car detailing enthusiast and has been working in car wash Albuquerque since 2006. In this article, he speaks about the tips to take care of upholstery. Visit



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