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Acting as a vital inclusion in any emergency preparedness kit, Action Meals' MRE meals provide an excellent source of sustenance during any outdoor activity.

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A backpacking adventure offers the perfect counterbalance to hectic city life. The fresh, clean air and scenic views accentuate the outdoor experience. However, there is one major obstacle facing the outdoor enthusiast: where to find nutritious and delicious meals while backpacking. One company is now specializing in providing those who love backpacking in the great outdoors with meals that can be made without fire or water and ready to eat in just minutes.

Acting as a vital inclusion in any emergency preparedness kit, Action Meals' MRE
provide an excellent source of sustenance during any outdoor activity. Whether you are on a group camping trip or backpacking through North America's wondrous forest trails, settling down and opening one of these delicious meals offers a welcome break from the elements. Ready to eat in just 12 minutes, Action Meals are as efficient as they are delicious and will keep your energy levels high as you continue on your backpacking adventure.

As the perfect addition to your journey into the wilderness, these MRE meals are very easy to make. Simply tear open the heater sleeve, insert the meal sachet and then add water. Once the heater sleeve has been applied to the meal sachet for 12 minutes, your delicious MRE meal is ready to be served.

In fact, Action Meals are not only perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, they are also offer a superb supplement to your office lunch break, where these culinary delights provide some respite from a tough workday. These exceptional meals come in a variety of delicious flavours. Consider for example the Rotini Bolognese meal. This pasta dish offers a veritable feast of flavours within a blend of ingredients that includes onions, beef, pasta, crushed tomatoes and fresh green peppers.

You can trust in the nutritional value of MRE meals by Action Meals because of their excellent reputation for helping those in uniform to equip themselves for the tasks ahead of them. In over 65 Fire Departments across Canada, the country's brave firefighters use action meals as part of their diet. In addition, search and rescue teams across Canada use Action Meals as they spend hours combing the landscape to help save lives. Moreover, when an Earthquake hit the city of Bam in South Eastern Iran in 2003, Action Meals provided a vital food aid as part of the rescue mission.

The Canadian heater utilized by these flavourful meals is based on a technology that was used by the American military in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. Once heated, this innovative device will stay warm for 45 minutes, providing an affordable heat source as well as an excellent meal whether you are backpacking, camping or simply enjoying a day out in the open breadth of North America's forest trails.

Action Meals are now available to offer you a delectable solution for your nutritional requirements while enjoying the great outdoors. Order from the company's extensive product catalogue today and experience the innovation in ready to eat meals.

Action Meals are offering a completely new perspective on instant food. Now food can be both quick and delicious with Action Meals ready to eat selections. For more information about Action Meals visit Actionmeals.

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