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The Concept of Anal Bleaching By Adeel Qureshi

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Usually, the skin around the anus is heavily pigmented. This is because the area has a large amount of melanin production which is actually the body’s natural protecting mechanism.

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Usually, the skin around the anus is heavily pigmented. This is because the area has a large amount of melanin production which is actually the body’s natural protecting mechanism. However, over the past few years, with more importance being given to cosmetic procedures, anal bleaching also grew in popularity. This is a trend that is mostly followed by women who have been given an image of a clean and aesthetic buttock through exposure to art and adult films. These treatments are carried out by cosmetic technicians and beauty experts. There are also several creams that are available in s
tores for cosmetic application.

The History of Anal Bleaching

Anal Bleaching was popularized by adult film actresses and entertainers. In fact it was invented upon request by a popular adult movie star. The idea behind anal bleaching was to have an even skin tone all over the body. When nudity became accepted and popular in Hollywood, this concept was extended even to the Hollywood actresses. Eventually, anal bleaching was popularized in underground cities.

There is no real record of the invention of anal bleaching. It is believed to have emerged in public view when Brazilian waxing was popularized. This was during the beginning of the millennium. When women began to uncover their private parts through Brazilian waxing, they became more conscious of the fact that the skin around the anus was significantly darker than the rest of the body.

This issue was first addressed through genital bleaching was then entered the mainstream cosmetic treatment. It was received so well that it was mentioned in several TV shows and movies including Bridesmaids. Magazines began to cover this rather unconventional beauty regimen extensively. Then several spas emerged outside Hollywood to offer this treatment to the commoners.

The Methods Employed

The basic idea behind anal bleaching is to lighten the skin around the anus. For this, several methods have been employed. There are special cosmetic procedures that have been proven to yield desirable results. There are any do it yourself kits available to women who are conscious of getting the procedure done by an outsider.

One of the safest methods to achieve skin lightening around the anus is the home lotion of gel that has been designed for the sensitive genital areas. These lotions must be applied regularly to eventually cause the skin around the anus to lighten.

There are also quick relief solutions like laser lightening and cryosurgery that have been applied when people want instant results. Whether these products are entirely safe for anal bleaching is still a matter of debate.

Although anal bleaching is considered a rather uncomfortable procedure, many women are willing to adopt it. This is probably because of increased exposure to pornography and adult cinema. Irrespective of the reason for interest in this procedure, there are many safe methods that can be employed.

It is important to note, however, that you must consult a certified specialist before adopting any method or medication. These areas are extremely sensitive and must be taken additional care of.

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