The Connolly Law Firm Consistently Assures Wealth Preservation For All Clients By Seo Manager

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Learn how the experts at The Connolly Law Firm assures wealth preservation of your assets.

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Wealth preservation is an important issue; the economic situation the country is facing and the power of creditors over one’s assets is frightening. All individuals possessing wealth, whether significant or modest, have the legal right to be protected against creditors and lawsuits or legal actions that might threaten their estate. Established as being one of the top 15 firms in the United States that specializes in wealth preservation and asset protection, the Connolly Law Firm and their associates consist
ently assure maximum available wealth preservation to all of their clients. With asset protection programs and comprehensive services, the Connolly Law Firm is recognized as a leading force in drafting wealth preservation and asset protection plans.

The Connolly Law Firm and their associates have been in the asset protection business for more than 34 years. Their main goal is to provide effective asset protection, wealth preservation structures and estate planning to their clients. They are dedicated to offering the maximum available protection of one’s wealth and assets through comprehensive services that will ensure the client of complete protection against future creditors or even frivolous lawsuits that often arise in our society. The Connolly Law Firm is a premium law firm and has a reputation of having a deep understanding of offshore and domestic asset protection and wealth preservation. While certain unethical promoters try to gather customers in their spider webs of questionable programs and services, the Connolly Law Firm offers strong legal protection strategies and programs that will ensure maximum comfort to clients and their family.

The Connolly Law Firm and its associates offer a range of different services and programs to help with wealth preservation and assets protection. The Connolly Law Firm provides Offshore and Domestic Assets Protection Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Asset Protection with Swiss Annuities, Revocable Living Trusts, Limited Liability Company, Gift and Estate Tax Planning, Business Succession Planning, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable [Tax-Exempt] Foundations and Sub-Chapter “S” Trusts. They have also researched and exposed numerous asset protection scams. The Connolly Law Firm’s services are tailored to the unique needs of each client and their clients are assured of compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Many individuals are finding themselves trapped by unscrupulous promoters offering asset protection strategies and programs that are far from being in compliance with applicable laws. The Connolly Law Firms and its associates provide its clientele with wealth preservation structures that abide by federal, state and international laws.

The Connolly Law Firm is located in Harrison, Michigan, but handles clients from all over the country. The professionals at The Connolly Law Firm and its associates have a deep knowledge of every state’s special laws and statutes and, with the help of today’s technology, can provide services to clients in any state. For wealth preservation or asset protection, the Connolly Law Firm and its associates are leaders in the industry and will provide its clientele with guaranteed quality and reliable services. The Connolly Law Firm works with clients who have estates of any size, big or small.

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The Connolly Law Firm have 34 years of experience drafting effective financial and asset planning documents .They use their experience to ensure that you are well protected in any of your financial investments around the world. For more information visit


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