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The Importance of Wedding Cakes: Tradition or Necessity? By Sarrah Beaumont

  in Marriage | Published 2010-02-26 14:32:38 | 970 Reads | Unrated


When the wedding planning commences, a lot of things come to mind You have to choose your wedding flowers - Toronto or elsewhere, your wedding favours, and even mother of the bride dresses

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When the wedding planning commences, a lot of things come to mind. You have to choose your wedding flowers - Toronto or elsewhere, your wedding favours, and even mother of the bride dresses. Then there's that whole buzz about wedding invitations and wedding cakes. To top it all, you have your wedding dress to worry about! Which should you take care first? What aspect of the planning should you attend to first? Can you do all this planning and still look blushing on your wedding day?

Well, this is precisely the reason why you have wedding planners and wedding organizers. They can
take a large percentage of the job off your shoulders so you can simply focus on making yourself stunning on the most important day of your life.

But this does not mean, however, that you should not have a hand on the planning stage. You should have your say still - you should still be the ultimate decision-maker. You must still be the person to sign off on the design of your wedding cake, for instance.

So why are wedding cakes important in a wedding ceremony? Why do people make such a fuss about them?


Well first, wedding cakes make a great and attractive centrepiece in your wedding reception. The very first thing that your guests will notice - and will deliberately check out - in your reception venue is your wedding cake.

They'd talk about its uniqueness. They would even talk about which among your town's wedding cake providers you've got yours from. Indeed, wedding cakes will attract a lot of attention. As such, it is only proper that you carefully choose it. It is imperative that you have a say on that decision.

It's Tradition

Wedding ceremonies will never be complete without the traditional wedding cake slicing come reception time. As such, wedding cakes are an important aspect in the whole wedding planning endeavor.

The wedding cake slicing tradition symbolizes the very first thing that the couple does together. Therefore, it represents unity and your commitment to married life. Further, the act of feeding your partner with a piece of the slice signifies your promise of providing for each other. It is like saying: I promise to give you everything that you ask from me, and to anticipate the things that you've left unsaid."

Wedding cakes therefore are an important part of the giving of promises. It is one of the things in the reception that has more to themselves than plain beauty, sweetness and icing. Wedding cakes are tradition's way of saying "I will provide for you and I will care for you."

Without wedding cakes, the wedding ceremony won't be as meaningful as it was thought to be. The wedding ceremony will not be complete.

So, if you know of someone who is getting married, share this secret to her. Make her - and her groom - understand the importance of wedding cakes on the ceremony. Make her see that these are not just about sweet nothings - wedding cakes are an important symbolism of unity and commitment.

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