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The Job of a Video Games Tester By Robert Corter

  in Jobs | Published 2012-12-16 14:03:16 | 386 Reads | Unrated


What best describes the job of a video games tester What games does this individual test, play, and get paid for

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What best describes the job of a video games tester? What games does this individual test, play, and get paid for? While the job of a games tester might sound fascinating and fun, it is hardly the case. Like all jobs, there are ups and downs.

Some of these pitfalls include tedious tasks, poor compensation, lack of respect, harsh working conditions, lack of job security, no power to change, and facing the blame. What is especially tough for a games tester is that the person has to sit for long periods of time while testing games. This presents potential health hazar
ds as the games tester does not always get up to do some exercises.

Despite the difficult working conditions of a games tester, there are still many individuals that find this job quite enjoyable. Before one wishes to venture into a career as a games tester, this person must be truly passionate about playing games. Most companies hire testers who specialize playing in role playing games, first person shooter games, shooter/action games, real time strategy/war game, and simulation games.

The sagging worldwide economy is not a hindrance to the gaming industry as the worldwide industry boasts of revenues of $50 billion. As gaming consoles become more advanced, the games get deeper and longer.

If this is one’s passion, then one may try out to be a video games tester. The job requires the person to play unfinished games while looking for bugs or errors during play testing. This may be tedious for the tester. Testing a certain game starts out fun in the beginning. However, if the tester has to repeat the process all over again, this gets to be more work than fun. This is one of back breaking stuff that a tester will be required to do while test playing the game.

The job of a games tester requires finding bugs while playing the same section or level for hours at a time. Usually, testers get sick (literally and figuratively) after doing this for a while. Most people would only want to be hired as games testers to get ahead in the game development world. A person may only be interested in the games tester position as a way to advance in another segment of development.

There are more opportunities after becoming a games tester. One may further venture on to become a programmer, artist, game designer, producer, audio producer, or business and marketing executive. Some of the good websites and companies that are great venues to start out with to become a video games tester are Blizzard and Electronic Arts.

Being a games tester is the bottom of the ladder in the video game world. Many developers pass start out in this position. Starting out as a games tester is definitely a good stepping stone for a career in the gaming industry. There is room for growth and development provided that the games tester acquires the necessary skill to move up the ranks. Despite the negative hype surrounding it, the job of a games tester is definitely a fun way to make a living.

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