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The New Trend in Footwear Technology By Lanbo Jiang

  in Marketing | Published 2011-08-08 02:01:17 | 165 Reads | Unrated


Footwear industry the main driving factors of technological development, most likely in the following areas: (1) Environmental legislation Environmental regulations will address new environmental problems further legislation Which may include industrial material recycling and reuse, and limit the p roduction and use of chemicals

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Footwear industry the main driving factors of technological development, most likely in the following areas:

(1) Environmental legislation
Environmental regulations will address new environmental problems further legislation. Which may include industrial material recycling and reuse, and limit the production and use of chemicals. In order to meet environmental regulations, the footwear industry will have to take corresponding measures, development of new processes and technologies. The use of chemical products, there will be more limited, which could force the footwear in
dustry to develop new materials, or use more expensive materials.

Will conduct an internal re allocation process in order to achieve a limited amount of solvent required (currently 5 tons per year per office), in particular adhesive and synthetic soles spraying.Surface engineering technology will contribute to the improvement of adhesive properties, which have a variety of adhesives are available to address some of the so far still can not quite believe bonding or adhesive bonding surface of the problem.If the strict environmental control, and the industry is unable to break through the limit does not dissolve adhesives, quality management, the pressure will force the industry to accept paste process, this will force the industry uses, such as welding voltage, or other bonding technique. Otherwise, the production department had to move to areas with less stringent environmental regulations.Safety is a key issue, more and more productive sectors, will be to hold a safety permit.

(2) High Performance Materials
In addition to finding environmentally friendly shoe in order to overcome the environmental constraints are always brought, the market also need to develop high performance materials to meet the growing consumer made good quality and high comfort requirements. In addition, the development of materials science will show a continuous growth and comprehensive development of a more coherent focus on the types of materials. Can be expected to be more and more synthetic materials instead of natural leather.Genetic engineering will make animals more consistency and predictability. The future development of bio engineering, may have developed a real man made leather. Currently, research focuses on greater use of leather and tannery and shoe factory closer together.Successful suppliers will soon cut the leather tannery. They would choose to re locate to close their main source, their focus will be on the supply chain co operation between, and will target such as: innovation, development, improve performance and so on.

(3) Information Technology
Visual aided design and CAD CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing) system to promote the application of technology in the production area, to maintain a critical position. PDM (Product Data Management System) applications will be considered to accelerate productivity and to explore the design, manufacturing potential of the key. The continuous development of CAD CAM technology, really has become the footwear industry's core information systems. Information technology resources will be integrated computer network in widespread use.

(4) Technology and Equipment
Footwear technology development results will gradually be effective because the shortage of high quality leather, resulting in new technology is likely to reduce the use of leather, or substitution of new materials, and other factors will also affect the supply of leather. For example: ethics or vegetarian movement, although it does not mean the next shoe will have a significant impact, but it's out of leather shoes made the whole industry will have far reaching influence.The application of the structure will increase endurance, because it has high comfort, flexibility and the advantages of saving materials, products using this technology also increase the variety. Flexible soles with a variety of modeling techniques continue to improve the performance of footwear will increase faster, the result will bring a wider choice and more cost effective.

Equipment development will be the quality, stability and common goal. Reduce the cost of equipment development is still one of the elements. Process Automation is another key aspect still, it will improve the quality and stability, but in the footwear industry will maintain a labor intensive comprehensive.Advanced vision systems and sensors can be enhanced quality control capability.With the global economic growth and rising cost of raw materials, closed style upper suture and closed automatically operate on the shoe manufacturers would be the inevitable choice.Shoe making equipment manufacturers in the past 10 years, has been globalization or the East, thus, the influence of European manufacturers have gradually disappeared. Of course, in the foreseeable future, the Italian shoe making equipment in the industry will maintain an important position.



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