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The Next Three Years, The Electronic Information Industry to Create 1.5 Million By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2010-02-20 02:10:44 | 181 Reads | Unrated


The next three years, the contribution to the GDP growth not less than 07 percentage points, to resolve more than 1

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The next three years, the contribution to the GDP growth not less than 0.7 percentage points, to resolve more than 1.5 million jobs, of which new jobs to attract college students nearly one million people announced yesterday it is "electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization of planning" (the "Plan") in the country revealed the revitalization of the electronic information industry, "expectations."

Nearly 6,000 words, five parts, seven policy measures, as the top ten industries and revitalizing the fourth promulgated the "Rules" sector, the revitalization of
the electronic information industry has been given importance.

Nine focus areas will benefit from the

To address the long term development of electronic information industry issue, "planning" identified nine key areas of revitalization, namely, computers, electronic components, audio visual products, integrated circuits, new display devices, software, communications equipment, information services, information technology applications .

"Planning" should be made to ensure that in the next three years, computers, electronic components, audio visual products industry, steady growth in three key breakthrough integrated circuits, new display devices, software, three core industries of the key technologies, communications equipment, information services, application of information technology areas such as foster new growth points.

A business person, when in an interview that the "planning" was adopted for nine specific areas of support for the direction, the China's electronic information industry will be breakthroughs in core technologies, such as a new generation of mobile communications, next generation Internet, digital radio and television fields of application of innovation will drive the formation of a number of new growth points, industrial development model transformation will be made clear progress. At the same time, it will contribute to the transformation and upgrading of processing trade of electronic information.

"Planning" points out that industrial upgrading and the positive effect brought about the next three years, the electronic information industry has maintained steady growth in sales revenue, industrial development on the GDP growth in the contribution of not less than 0.7 percentage points three years, more than 150 new jobs 10000, in which new jobs to absorb nearly 100 million people in college students.

Seven supporting measures combat readiness

Since the reform and opening up, China's electronic information industry has achieved sustained and rapid development, especially in the 21st century, industrial scale, industrial structure, technological level to be increased dramatically. However, due to the international financial crisis, since the second half of 2008, the electronic information products export growth continue to decline, a substantial decline in sales growth, focusing on key business areas and difficulties in the use of foreign investment decreased significantly.

In fact, in the "planning" was promulgated prior to the adjustment of the electronic information industry to revitalize the organization well into the implementation stage.

Prior to this, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Lou Qinjian, said in an interview this year, some industries and regions have begun to develop a good direction, a number of central and western areas of information technology, information industry development trend showing contrarian. In addition, because third generation mobile communications and home appliances to the countryside to start pulling effect, part of the integrated circuit components business enterprises and a substantial increase in orders.

In order to ensure that within three years to reach the electronic information industry development requirements, "planning" was also introduced from the seven aspects of complementary measures, namely, the implementation of measures to expand domestic demand, increase the national investment, strengthening policy support, improve the investment and financing environment, support competitive enterprises M & A, and further explore the international market, strengthen independent innovation capacity building.

Among them, the national electronic information industry, new investment will tilt and increase financial input to guide the implementation of integrated circuit upgrades, new display and color TV industry restructuring, TD SCDMA third generation mobile communication industry, a new leap forward to promote digital television and movies, computer upgrading and the next generation of Internet applications, software and information services, training and so on six major projects in support of independent innovation and technological transformation projects. Encourage local support for specific key areas and key projects for financial support and guide social resources to invest in the field of electronic information industry.



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