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The Opportunities of Ushered Out of the Domestic Chip Industry By Lanbo Jiang

  in Business | Published 2010-02-27 21:08:44 | 174 Reads | Unrated


"Domestic chip companies benefited from the early years of development was mainly the rise of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers Because users buy the first phone will first consider the price issue, however replacement, the user experience requirements for the use of relatively high

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"Domestic chip companies benefited from the early years of development was mainly the rise of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Because users buy the first phone will first consider the price issue, however replacement, the user experience requirements for the use of relatively high. Therefore, the domestic mobile phone when the cold hit, domestic chip industry, naturally, were retired. "ARM (security seeking) China, said Jun Tan, president so. TD SCDMA chip research and development enterprise CYIT chairman Nie to the view that the adjustment in the global chip industry during the perio
d, the domestic chip companies is not without opportunities to come from behind, even though domestic chip chip technology with foreign countries still lags far behind, However, the application has been ahead of the domestic chip.

One engaged in domestic chip R & D engineers also said that, at least in the domestic market, with foreign chip makers, domestic manufacturers on the domestic market is more familiar with the changes in the domestic market, reflecting the faster, but also the labor cost advantage, so In this round of industrial restructuring, the domestic chip manufacturers will have the opportunity to at least narrow the gap with the international giants.

TD SCDMA is a breakthrough "Multimedia and the TD SCDMA is the opportunity for communications chips." ISuppli market research company, said Gu Jun, "the current domestic IC design capability is rather poor, in this fully competitive market, domestic enterprises, small chance of success, Therefore, sex should be the standard, non fully competitive market, strive for opportunities, TD SCDMA is a good opportunity for domestic manufacturers, the Japanese chip industry had to seize the domestic 3G development opportunities to achieve the overall breakthrough. "

The foregoing engaged in chip research and development engineer told reporters that the increase in chip integration will greatly reduce the production costs of the terminal, improve product complexity and compatibility, in the 3G era, an integrated phone, camera, business, music, gaming functions into one smart terminal will continue the rapid development of high speed data transmission and intelligent application will also become an important feature of intelligent terminals.

Data and content is the driving force for sustainable development of 3G, the core technology is to support the application platform, "to provide core technical support 3G applications of multimedia chips for granted, assume the task of 3G applications, mobile multimedia application chip has become a 3G mobile phone industry the core technology and competition, the key to winning. "

Several front line research and development in chip R & D staff agreed that: "China's 3G pregnant with enormous business opportunities, the domestic mobile phone chip, chip manufacturers are expected to break through the 3G mobile phone chip in the field of Europe and the United States a long term monopoly. In the general purpose chips, memory chips, have already Chip giant firmly in control of the international situation, 3G coming to China's chip industry, a rare development opportunity. "

NIE also noted that in the 2G era, the domestic chip companies do not have the core technology, subject to constraints in various areas, but through technological innovation in the 3G era, China has seized the first opportunity, have their own right to speak. Have their own core technology, the domestic manufacturers in cooperation with foreign firms, and can seize the initiative.

"Baseband chip technology and capital threshold is very high, has long been a leading international chip manufacturers. 3G will first drive the domestic mobile phone baseband chip market growth, in addition, 3G applications will also push other phone based chips upgrades, such as application processors, radio frequency chips, power | Regulators management chip and memory chips. " The aforementioned chip R & D Engineer, said: "In the initial 3G launch, China's mobile phone chip design companies have accumulated a large number of technology and products, but also the field of 3G mobile phone chip market monopoly has not yet formed, Chinese enterprises are expected to have sprung up everywhere as the world's mobile phone chip industry, a support force. "The engineer further said:" The foreign chip makers 2G advantages can not be extended to 3G. 2G, the foreign manufacturers with mature technology, low cost advantage, domestic manufacturers can not Hukoubaya, but in 3G, telecommunications Chip products are not yet mature, domestic firms, there R & D costs and human resources cost advantage. "

Diversification is the key route Domestic communication equipment, system integrators, Huawei, ZTE, or the establishment of chip unit, or have a chip division, the industry hopes funded Huawei, ZTE can provide impetus to the further development of the domestic chip industry. In this regard, NIE also noted that the whole chip industry is a high tech, high input, high risk industry, but the terminal manufacturers will first choice of profession chip company's products, large companies put on a chip, research, promotion of industrial development is a good thing, but the big companies still need a professional company to service it.

From the first line engineers think, assets, knowledge intensive industry characteristics determine the chip companies must have a strong capital as a guarantee, Huawei, ZTE meet this condition. However, some industry insiders believe that China's chip companies facing global competition, "Chip makers will be the inevitable global integration, the future will be only a few trades before the chip maker a chance to make a profit and living space, 3G, though opportunities for domestic chip manufacturers, but the international chip manufacturers have the same opportunity will be development. "

Texas Instruments | Instrument stakeholders in an interview with reporters, stressed that the area of its income in the 3G wireless revenues accounted for more than 50%. Texas Instruments 3G services primarily targeted at high end direction, OMAP products are its strengths, the current two thirds of 3G handsets on the market are using the OMAP processor. Texas Instruments said that they would find ways to allow more users to use the OMAP platform.

R & D engineers believe that a domestic chip industry, the terminal would first achieve a breakthrough on a chip, such as mobile phone chip, chip, handheld PDA and so on, because the domestic manufacturers in this area has a relatively good foundation, "China's mobile phone industry have matured, the Government's support , complete and perfect the formation of mobile phone manufacturing center, the global mobile phone industry moving to mainland China, TD SCDMA industry chain has improved steadily and were driven the development of the domestic mobile phone chip industry, a favorable factor. "

One engaged in TD SCDMA mobile phone chipset developed source said: "TD SCDMA radio piece, the product line of single Rising Micro Electronics pressure, while the RDA diversified product lines and rely on GSM products Pan raises TD? RF product line, financial risk is relatively smaller "and therefore diversify its product line is the chip companies to survive. Jun Tan suggested that the Government support is not to be the dominant factor, the domestic chip companies should jump out of government protection, or increase the R & D investment, take the difference in the line, or to rely on mass production to reduce costs, also should abandon the "low level, low price "business line, we should try to high end positioning, and should be on the basis of this strategy, trying to bring prices down.



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