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The Secret of Getting To The First Page By Katrina Peria

  in Marketing | Published 2017-03-01 03:57:23 | 537 Reads | Unrated


SEO is certainly the next big thing in the Internet. Being expert in SEO will certainly benefits you in the long run. Follow these tricks and you will definitely land in the first page of search engine result page. There would be a lot of approaches as to how to start your own engagement in digital marketing.

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The industry of SEO in the Philippines is booming in the past few years because many companies want to show up on the first page of Google search engine. However, everyone can’t be first. But, there are tricks that you can do to enhance your visibility in the online community. How Google determine rankings

are based on several factors, such as how many times does the word or phrase being searched appear on your website, are these words formatted properly according to the SEO guidelines, and is the site being updated regularly?

So, how do we get on the first page of the search engine results page? Read on and let’s find out the essential aspects that aids in improving your ranking with Google and other search engines.

Beautifully Structured Website

Website is considered as the backbone of a good SEO. Plan the structure of your website in a way that the users can easily see the information that they need in the quickest possible way. This must be your number one priority when developing a website. Here are some of the important pages in your website that you should be crafted carefully:  

  • About Us
  • Contact Page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sitemap

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research refers to the practice that used by different search engine optimization professionals in finding and researching for the actual search terms people enter into a search engine when doing a certain research. By doing a keyword research, you will identify the appropriate keyword that you can use together with your compelling content.

What to look for when researching for the right keywords?

  • Length – a minimum of four-word keyword is the ideal
  • Competition – use tool, such as Google’s Keyword Planner to find out how much competition you are facing with your chosen keyword

Focus on User Experience

One of the essential factors to consider when you want to rank in a search engine is to focus on the user experience. So, it is essential that you create a website where people can navigate easily. Your main goal is to give your audience a user experience as fast as possible. So, make sure that the pages in your website load quickly.

Google Image

Quality images definitely catch audience’s attention and can drive traffic to your website, so, as much as possible, use original and high-quality images. You can get different kinds of images from:

  • Public Domain Images (free) – all images in this public domain are safe to use and absolutely free.
  • Creative Common Images (free and paid) – it is a non-profit organization that offers license of different types of images. It also provides high-quality images.
  • Stock Images (free and paid) – this type of image is usually produce by professional photographers. Stock images have high-resolution, too.

Mobile-friendly Website

In the coming years, mobile will definitely surpass the desktops and laptops because of its portability. With this, the growth of mobile users will continue to rise that motivates companies to create a mobile-friendly website.



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