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The Ultimate Guide for Rookie Cyclists By Armstron Glouis

  in Automotive | Published 2017-01-31 05:14:18 | 205 Reads | Unrated


Riding a bicycle is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Cycling has many benefits. It is good for your health and budget. Using bicycles to commute, serves the higher purpose of being beneficial to the environment.

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Riding a bicycle is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Cycling has many benefits. It is good for your health and budget. Using bicycles to commute, serves the higher purpose of being beneficial to the environment.  Bicycles do not use any fuel. Thus, it saves fuel for the future generations making bicycle commuting beneficial for the community. Apart from all the benefits, there is pleasure in turning the pedals.  If you are a beginner at cycling, you need to know certain things about choosing the right bike and gear. You must also learn about how to maintain your bicycl

e and riding safely.  Here are some points that new cyclists should keep in mind.

Choose the Right Type of Bicycle for Yourself

The first mistake that beginners make is choosing the wrong bike.  There are a wide range of bicycles available in the market. You need to buy a type of bike that fits your biking needs. When you are choosing a bicycle, you need to consider two factors- the place where you will be riding it and the distance you will be covering in one ride. Here are different types of bikes and some of the features they offer.


Cruisers are synonymous to comfort. Beautiful curvy frames, wide saddles and pretty colours, these bikes are a perfect way to make a style statement. Cruisers are suitable for commuting within the city or short trips. Generally, these types of bicycles do not have gears but certain cycles like herskind cykel have three gears. Cruisers have a back-pedal rear brake.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are tough bikes and have suspension (either on front or dual).  These bikes are perfect for cycling in mountainous places.  This is because the tyres have a grip on any surface. Gears will help you on a steep uphill climb.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are fit for riding on plane surfaces like roads. They are good for racing.


These bikes are designed for medium-paced to fast cycling. They are slower in comparison. The rider can maintain an upright position unlike road bikes.

Touring Bikes

These bikes are designed to cover long distances. You can also carry your kit along with you in this bicycle. These bikes have strong frames and wheels.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few other types like Tandem or couple bike and folding bike.

What is the Gear You Need?

Gear assures your safety while you are riding. Here are some items of gear you will need:

Helmet: Although wearing a helmet is not compulsory, it is a good idea to wear one. Especially, if you are riding in a mountainous region or you are riding at a fast pace.

Lights: Lights are very important if you will be riding your cycle at night.

Bell: If you are going to ride through the city or sharing your path with pedestrians, it is a good idea to have a bell.

Clothing: It is preferable to wear clothes that are appropriate for cycling. This will ensure both your safety and comfort.

Apart from the above-mentioned gear, you will also need a pump.

When you are cycling on a busy road, you must make sure you are visible. Wearing brighter clothes and staying in a position where other traffic can see you are two ways to stay visible.  You must be careful of car doors while riding. Make sure you follow all the traffic rules.

When you are starting out with cycling, it is not easy to stay motivated. You need to ride on a regular basis and try to make cycling a part your daily routine. Start with shorter rides or weekend cycling trips then slowly increase it. Choose your bicycle over your car whenever you go somewhere nearby. Happy cycling!



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