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The Untapped Gold Mine of Tissue Paper for Makeup That Virtually No On By James Bane

  in Home Management | Published 2017-08-01 05:08:57 | 134 Reads | Unrated


What is makeup? Makeup means changing you from one form to another. It is the genuine way through which you look glamorous and gorgeous.

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All of us, especially girls are totally dependent on makeup nowadays. None of the girls step out of their home without makeup. For the last minute touch up, you can use some safety tools which will be acting as a savior. Acid-free tissue paper is considered as the most valuable tool among all you have. It not only cleans your dirt and excess oil from your face but also comes quite handy when it comes to makeup. Here are some valuable ways of using tissue paper which you have never imagined.

  • Blending
    of Powder and Blush

May be your face is overloaded with extra compact powder or extra colour, you can wipe your face with tissue paper. Just hold it in a triangular shape and swipe it over your face. Always use a fresh one instead of using a used one which may contain bacteria and other germs.

  • Creating a sharp wing

Are you having a problem in applying eyeliner? Then you can easily splash away this issue with tissue paper. You can also use your favorite eyeliner as you need and just trace the use of tissue paper to get a perfect triangle. Then you can remove it to achieve a perfect flick.

  • Catch your extra makeup

Few people take things for granted. Eye shadows look too good if applied on the eyes. Simultaneously it looks horrible if you apply it on cheeks or chin. To remove these extra things you can fold this paper, hold it in the under eye area and pat it off.

  • Spot Cleaner

It is the best method to be followed while traveling. During traveling, you don’t have time and place to wash your brushes properly. You can spray some water on the tissue paper and move your brushes in the to and fro directions. All the spots will be removed as well as bacteria. And you will be as fresh as you have started the day. 

  • Matte It

You might not be having a matte lipstick in your basket. But you desire to have it. Just at that moment, this tissue paper can quickly help you out. Apply a coat of lipstick to lips. Place your tissue paper slightly on it. You will be surprised to see that all the extra gloss is removed and it is looking exactly like a matte lipstick. Do it same for the second coat too. You will look fresh and beautiful too. 



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