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Things Needed To Know In Healthcare Application Testing By Renny Jose Manuel

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2016-10-26 01:12:56 | 401 Reads | Unrated


Understand the essential things that you needed to know in testing healthcare applications and healthcare IT systems.

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Software in Healthcare, is a nucleus of raw data, and on-going information. Processing of such critical data needs precise technological support. For this, many healthcare organizations turn to software programs suitable to their requirements. Application of an appropriate software system for a healthcare organization ensures smooth regulatory functioning. There are a list of elements that make up healthcare application testing. This includes, provider data, member data, premium billing, broker data, claims

validation and broker payment. Other entities consist of the insurance company, consumer, regulatory authority (HIPAA), and healthcare vendors.

Testing in healthcare system follows as below:
• Member system – This system is adopted to maintain data status of the policy holders, management of dependent members, generating premium bills as per plans and processing of the payments
• Provider system – System used to maintain data of the providers
• Broker system – To manage and maintain broker data and calculate their commission as per generated premium bills from Member system
• Claims system – Management of data pertaining to claims by policy holder and dependent
• Finance system – System to help manage elements related to payments to provider/member/broker with required verification
• Regulatory compliance – System pertaining to verified and valid user login and access
• Functional Testing: Testing the healthcare application for its functional capabilities as per requirement
• Conformance Testing: To test for congruency of Healthcare security requisites and industry frameworks
• Platform Testing: Testing the applications for mobile platform and cross-browser compatibility
• Interoperability Testing: Testing for conformance as per interoperability standards ( Eg; DICOM, HL7, CCD/CDA)

Challenges in Healthcare Application Testing:
• Healthcare Application Testing needs thorough proficiency in testing
• It also needs testing pertaining to interoperability, compliance, regulatory, security, and safety along with regular testing techniques (Non-Functional, Functional and Integration testing)
• Healthcare Application Testing should be conducted with precedence to the safety and regulatory standards
• The team participating in the Healthcare Application Testing should have sound knowledge of the various functionalities, clinical usage, and the environment that the software requires
• The Healthcare Application software should be in accordance with various legal standards
• The testing team needs to ensure that any changes made in a component or layer should not affect adversely on the other

Healthcare software devices deal with critical procedures and information. Therefore, the software programs have to be controlled with precise and error-less testing.



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