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Things to Do and see on a Shanghai Private Tour By

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While traveling in a group or private tour, most travelers end their exploration of China in the vibrant city of Shanghai.

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While traveling in a group or private tour, most travelers end their exploration of China in the vibrant city of Shanghai. This is especially true in the case of travelers on a Shanghai private tour to the Three Gorges Dam or Yangtze River ; business travelers having some free time on their hand after attending their meetings or a conference ; or holidaymakers that have just not had enough of the many bounties of the nation.

Read on for s

ome interesting suggestions in regards to enjoying Shanghai after your exciting Huangshan tour or a trip that made you enjoy the many attractions of other destinations beyond.

Former French Concession Region

One of the loveliest parts of your Shanghai private tour, an invigorating walk takes you through the areas of the former French Concession, surely makes your trip all the more memorable. This spectacular attraction guarantees to make you experience the Chinese-French connection and find their footprints among the many imported platane trees that line the sides of the neighborhood.

In recent times, the area’s lane houses and exotic French villas are being converted into exquisite shops and homes and are indeed worth seeing. The other walking tours of interest include those that take you along Fuxing Road, promenade along Huang Pu River, Fairmont Peace Hotel, Bund, Shaoxing Road and other parts of Shanghai.

Yu Garden & Bazaar

Yu Garden, an extremely fun-filled place to explore, is distinguished by its traditional architectural style, curving tile eaves and the authentic “"Chinatown" appeal. As you wander through the area’s alleys and lanes, remember to buy some chopsticks, silk pajamas or other souvenirs to take back home. The draw of Yu Garden & Bazaar is the Huxingting Tea House, which is believed to have inspired the much acclaimed Blue Willow pattern.

Moganshan Road Art District

Those desirous of having a quick peep at the Chinese contemporary art scene, love to find their way to Moganshan Road, situated near Suzhou Creek. Thronged with galleries of all sizes and nature, this place is indeed an art connoisseur’s delight! The not-to-be missed galleries are East Link Gallery, Shanghart, Art Scene Warehouse and so forth.

Food Lovers Paradise at Glamour Bar

Haggling through the crowded Bund promenade, you would love to relax and sip upon your favored drink at Glamour Bar, on the 5 on the Bund, as you feast your eyes upon the beauty of Huang Pu. The stunning views of the sun setting on the Oriental Pearl Tower can be best enjoyed with a personal guide, friends or family members in tow.

After savoring lots of pleasurable moments on your Hangzhou tour, you may also like to enjoy delectable cuisines at Xin Tian Di, take a walk along Dong Tai Road "Antique" Street or sip on an exotic cup of tea at Yongfoo Elite.

All the best!

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