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Three Major Benefits of Data Encryption By Tom Riddle

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2015-01-26 01:01:52 | 2203 Reads | Unrated


With the data breach problem constantly getting severe, users need to protect their information in order to avoid big losses. In this scenario, data encryption is such a blessing that can save users from some heavy losses.

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Where data is at the risk of getting breached on every single moment, data encryption is really a savior for the users. Many users tend to avoid using encryption to protect their data as they believe that it is an extremely complex procedure. Well, to be honest, it is a complex process and one needs to have some real computer expertise to get it done. However, if you use a quality data Encryption Softw

are, you will not have to worry much about the complexity. Encryption offers quite a few benefits that users need to know, so that they opt for this security barrier to keep their information private. Here are some of those benefits.


Encrypted data easy to move to the cloud

Some individual users and the most of the organizations are reluctant in keeping their data on the cloud. They believe that their records are not safe on the cloud as it can be seen or even stolen by someone. Well, there concerns are quite justified. If you are an organization, your personal records and your competitors’ records might be put on the same cloud server and this situation is really scary. Keeping data encrypted is the solution to your problem. If your information is diligently encrypted, it will remain safe while transferring from place to another, while working and while it is in a static position.

You hold the keys of your data

You will surely never want to put your jewels in a locker and then hand over the keys to someone stranger. That is the principle applies when you keep your data on the cloud and you do not have the complete control of it. Encrypted data give you the key of your treasure. No cloud owner will not be able to access your information if you have encrypted your data using Folder Lock.

Secures you from expansive data breach

Cost per record breach is increasing day by day and the problem is getting worse and more damaging. In 2013, the average data breach cost per victim is as high as high $145 that is extremely hurtful. Other than that, the average cost of data breach in 2013 was almost $3.5 million, which was 15 percent higher than the average cost measured in 2012. This cost of information leakage is going to escalate with every passing year. Keeping this dreadful trend in view, encryption is such a blessing for computer users all around the globe that are concerned about the privacy of digitally saved data.


These are some of the benefits that encryption provides to its users. The cloud computing is definitely the future and it is here to stay. This technology is extremely facilitating, but, at the same time, it is not yet near to perfect. It imposes risks to data security and users are not much in the favor of using the cloud servers to keep their sensitive records even after knowing its benefits. Encryption will surely help this relatively new technology and making it better and more handy.

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