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Top 4 casual watches for men By

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Isn’t it true that “Time flies when you're having fun”? Especially, when you’re out of office, on a weekend or vacation spending quality time with loved ones is never enough. Brand-conscious, fashion- savvy men express their attitude on every attire and accessory they wear. That said, you do n’t have to spend a bomb on your outfits just to look smart and stylish, not anymore. There are quite a few reasonably-priced brands that have launched their very own mens casual watch category out in the stores and online, as well.

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Here’s a list of top brands for mens casual watches, just to save you the trouble hunting for one.

Timex’s Weekender


Classy and casual. The brand, Timex has carved itself a niche in the watch-crafting world, renowned for more than 40 years for its skilled craftsmanship and classic design. Its latest Weekender Slip Thru collection is durable, trendy and practical for everyday wear. You can shop for these mens casual watches in different shades and styles at quite affordable prices.

They come with buckle type nylon straps along with INDIGLO Night-Light.


Basic and elegant. Since 1989, the Danish watchmaker’s sophisticated technology embraces simple yet functional design. The exclusive range of Skagen casual watches for men are made of titanium, silicone or stainless steel. They come in black, blue, grey and silver colors and have either meshed or leather bands for durability. You can choose mens casual watches with basic features like a 24-hour dial and date function for daily wear.

Daniel Wellington

Scandinavian at heart, the Grace collection from DW stands testimony to its timeless style and “preppy” attitude. The line-up of mens casual watches sport a laid-back and unpretentious look and are sure to appeal to the gentlemanly, dynamic men out in the country clubs or beach clubs around the world. The minimalist approach in design and functionality makes them a most-sought after casual watches for men.


Eclectic and Chic. Now, here’s a Swiss brand which celebrates mechanics of timekeeping with its innovative mens casual watch, Sistem51 model. Its exceptional design features are simply out of the ordinary, truly eye-catching and absolutely efficient. Sistem51 comes in four bright shades – Blue, Black, White and Red. With its 90 hour power reserve, the 3Hz movement delivers impeccable precision and long-lasting performance.

Ways to take care of your casual watch:


Set the time going forward, not backward.


In order to keep the lubrication oils from clogging within your timepiece.


While setting up the date, use slower movements than you would for setting the time.


The date functions are not designed to be tuned quickly and so tend to break easily.


Wind up your watches every now and then, if you don’t wear them for long intervals of time. Preferably, between a week and a month.


To keep the lubricating oils evenly distributed and to avoid clumping.


Keep your watch away from sunlight, if it designed with a visible movement. For instance, a watch with display back or open dial.


The light exposure will cause the lubricating oils to evaporate prematurely.


Get your watch serviced periodically, advisably once every five years.


To keep it well-maintained and free from wear and tear.


Change your watch straps once they get too worn out for use.


Straps are made of different materials ranging from metal to leather. Durability factor differs with each type of material used.


Keep your watches away from magnetic fields.


The watch mechanism gets magnetically charged in mechanical watches. Whereas, the motor operations in quartz watches gets de-oriented. In both instances, exposure to magnetic field results in poor timekeeping.


Automatic watch winders are a definite no-no.  


Though most automatic watches have a mechanism to check them being over-wound, winding your watch frequently might get your watch repaired.

Keep an eye on fleeting moments in style. Pick and choose mens casual watches from the wide variety of brands and models available in the market. Check on their prices, durability, performance and warranty before you make a purchase.  For obvious reasons, you tend to use these casual watches for men more frequently on many off-the-cuff scenarios. So, it doesn’t make much sense to put a lot of money on them. Also, lookout for availability of their exclusive service centres in your neighbourhood, just in case you need help with any repair or replacement of your watch.



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