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Top 6 Qualities Need To Be A Professional Female Anchor In Bhubaneswar By Sunita Garbadu

  in Arts and entertainment | Published 2016-11-02 12:29:28 | 265 Reads | Unrated


If you are gifted with a pleasant aura & great speaking skills, then stage anchoring is what you should be looking at for a career. Being a stage anchor for any event is no less an art.

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If you are gifted with a pleasant aura & great speaking skills, then stage anchoring is what you should be looking at for a career. Being a stage anchor for any event is no less an art. There are no shortages of female anchor in Orissa but to be the best you need to focus on some specific things. As a renowned female anchor in Bhubaneswar, here I have presented a small guide to assist you shine on the stage. Here we go:

Be Cautious About Your Attire:

Clothes represent your personality in the best possible way. On stage, you can’t afford to ruin your 1st impress

ion. As a responsible host for an event, you have to dress accordingly. For instances, on Teacher’s Day, or Independence Day, a formal outfit will be appreciated by everyone. At the same time, a farewell or a birthday party demands a glamorous look with Western touch.
A Powerful Start:

It is great to begin your introductory speech with some powerful and influential words. A brief, crispy quote at the beginning reinforces your grip much more than a straight off ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Evening’.
Flawless Communication Skills:

This is perhaps the foremost criteria for being a good female anchor in Bhubaneswar. Some have born with this quality and others required to develop this skill. Word must be clear & distinct. Be yourself, and ignore bringing in a strange accent. Don’t be in a rush to speak out your lines; pause whenever needed.
Be Cautious About Your Expression and Body Language:

Be very specific regarding your expression and body language. Too much movement while speaking should be strictly avoided. Your positions speak volume regarding your self-confident level.
Apply Presence of Mind When Needed:

Dealing with technical faults could be challenging and that is where your presence of mind will come into play. The anchor should cover up the time lag and come up with ideas to keep the spectators occupied.
Converse With The Viewers:

It is very essential for you as an anchor, to match the thrill of the viewers to yours. Throw quick questions at them and hang around for a few seconds for their responses. Try to make it an interactive session, because you certainly would not like inactive spectators, right?

Dealing With A Tricky Audience:

Interruptive or hostile viewers aren’t uncommon these days. It is not easy to handle them, but it isn’t unfeasible either. First of all you shouldn’t take things to heart. Considering a light & playful approach usually works wonder most of the time.

A good show deserves a good finish! Try to be a bit innovative when it comes to the final stage of the event. Strive to sign out the show with some cool songs or dance steps or anything you think will fascinate the audience.
If you want to become the best female anchor in Bhubaneswar, the abovementioned tips are a must. Wish you good luck!

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