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Custom made springs including wireform, torsion, extension and compression springs offered by Ammtech Spring Ltd. For all your custom made spring needs, visit ammtechspring.

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Ammtech Spring Ltd. is a top provider of Custom Made Springs and specialty springs in Canada. Located in the West of the country, Ammtech specializes in quality coil springs and can accommodate any needs and requests with their expertise and precision – to provide you with the exact coil springs needed for a large variety of applications is the priority of Ammtech Spring Ltd. and its team of professional workers. Ammtech Spring Ltd. uses the best quality materials to manufacture the sturdiest and most efficient coil springs on t
he market.

Ammtech Spring Ltd. focuses its attention on its clientele; customer service is a priority for the team of experienced worker at the Ammtech spring shop. The Ammtech spring shop is located in Richmond, British Columbia, which ensures a local production of coil springs that they can safely distribute to their clients as quickly as possible. Ammtech’s clientele includes all types of businesses such as Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Individuals clients. No matter what type of springs is needed, Ammtech Spring Ltd will design and manufacture Custom Made Springs of different variety to satisfy their large customer base and do so in respectable time.

The Custom Made Springs manufactured by Ammtech cover a wide range of different spring types; compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and wireform among others. Compression springs are open-coil helical springs; they offer resistance against compressive forces. They are commonly used in automotive, aerospace and consumer applications. Extension springs, as opposed to compression springs, absorb and store energy by offering a certain resistance to pulling forces. Extension springs are usually found in cassette players, balance scales, washing machines, garage doors and other devices needing a tension force. Torsion springs are mostly used to apply torque – which is defined as a force that produces rotation. Wireforms are also produced, customized to satisfy all your specific needs and uses. What is important to keep in mind is that as opposed to other spring manufactures, Ammtech Spring Ltd. will produce Custom Made Springs with the best materials, sorted by the team of experts in their local spring shop.

Ammtech Spring Ltd. offers its wide clientele over 40 years of experience and expertise, which is demonstrated through the quality and precision of their work. The Custom Made Springs designed and made by Ammtech are produced with impressively quick turn-around time; the local shop and the talent of their workers allows for springs to be produced one week and a half at maximum. Ammtech Spring Ltd. strives in delivering the best Custom Made Springs while offering the most efficient deadlines possible – as aforementioned, customer satisfaction is the primary goal of Ammtech. For that matter, specification forms are provided to ensure that when you order from Ammtech, you get Custom Made Springs that are completely personalized to the specific use they are destined to.

To find more information on Ammtech Spring Ltd. or to explore their varied range of customizable springs, please visit ammtechspring.

AMMTECH SPRING LTD is a leading Spring Manufacturer proud of to offer quality products that meet or beat industry standard. Specializing in custom made springs, AMMTECH SPRING will provide fast and efficient manufacturing services. For more information visit


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