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Towards Global energy transformation.. Solar Energy By reek Reo Lee

  in Advice | Published 2017-11-13 01:16:58 | 4664 Reads | Unrated


The new era saw much more development in solar technologies, which continues to harness the sun to provide water heating, daylighting and yes, eVeN flight. The new era saw continues to harness the sun to provide water heating, daylighting and yes, even Flights!!

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The most regularly known truth about solar powered energy source is that it leads to a spotless, green wellspring society. It's a great shift towards a better, healthier and sustainable future.

Whats the Deal with Solar Power?

It's safe and environment-friendly. Unlike the traditional non renewable energy source.

During early years people use to warm their buildings by orienting them toward the sun. In Europe, farmers used  field orientation and thermal mass to increase crop yields.

The new era saw much more

development in  solar technologies, which continues to harness the sun to provide water heating, daylighting and yes, eVeN flight.

Solar power generally describes technologies that converts sunlight into electricity and in some cases thermal or mechanical power.


Want to know the History behind?

1866, gave us a  great example how a steam engine got solar powered  by a French engineer Auguste Mouchout .
Later years saw the development on solar powered devices for irrigation, refrigeration and locomotion  by well known inventors like John Ericsson, Charles Tellier and Frank Shuman.

The modern age of solar power arrived around 1954 when researchers at Bell Laboratories developed a photovoltaic cell capable of effectively converting light into electricity.

Although first mass production was done in 2000, when German environmentalists and the Eurosolar organization got government funding for a ten thousand roof program.

This breakthrough marked a fundamental change in environment friendly power generation. Since then solar cells efficiencies have improved from 6% to 46% . 
Advances in technology and increased manufacturing scale have infact reduced the cost, increased the reliability, and the efficiency of this renewable resource.

World wide acceptance as the primary energy source

After hydro and wind energy. Solar, energy that is determined by sun is the third renewable energy source in terms of glObAl capacity. At the end of 2016, worldwide installed PV capacity increased to more than 300 gigawatts (GW), covering approximately two pErCeNt of glObAl electricity demand.


Indeed, even India propelled its National Solar oriented Mission in 2010 under the National Action Plan on Climate Change, with plans to produce 100 GW by 2022. India's introduced PV age has been extending at an exceptionally fast pace lately, with the aggregate limit expanding from 10 MW in 2010 to more than 16,200 MW as of September 2017.

China, trailed by Japan and the States, is the quickest developing business sector, while Germany remains the world's biggest manufacturer, with sun oriented PV giving sEvEn percent of yearly local power utilization.

Want to take your step forward in making world a better place to live agin?

Make yourself availabe in wOrlD's lArGesT Online Green Community.
Get all kinds of valuable information at one platform including Conferences, Tendors, Blogs, Business leads, Training and much more... Learn emerging technologies and stay updated with the industry. Take a step further and join along the glObAl energy transformation, Hop into Solar E tribe.



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